Weimar arts festival: If in the Saale a shark swims


Who’s driving this weekend from Jena Paradies to Naumburg with the train, should look out of the window. Maybe he sees bushes of the race, or the fastest man in the Saaletals the ICE to overtake.

Trains nowadays has nothing to do with Tranquility. Most of the ICEs lawn with the highest speed through the landscape and the travelers look at their cell phone screens instead of out the window. The Weimar arts festival wants to prove that it’s worth it but still, the view to the outside view. At least this weekend. Under the Motto of “Moving the country – productions for passing trains” will be changed to the Saale valley in a 30 km long stage.

View from the window offers a lot of Surprises

Floating train spotted

A total of 50 art projects along the route to accompany the viewers. Any train at the weekend, on the road from Jena Paradies to Naumburg, get to see one. More than 200 Volunteers are involved when it comes to staging a race with the train. Or to catch a shark from the river Saale.

The artist Duo data vortex alias Jörn Hintze and Jakob Hüfner, both are professors of experimental Television at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, have come up with these effective interventions. Five years, you would have needed to leave apart bushes and races to miss a high seat legs, or only red cars along the tracks to.

“Moving country” is part of the art festival in Weimar, a Festival of contemporary arts with more than 100 events to 3. September.

so/as (PR, Bewegtesland.de)