“Leader, Leader”


Even in the Majority of the FC Köln can not rotate in their own stadium, the match against the guests from Hamburg. After an injury of the referee, there is a long interruption in the game and a new Referee.




The final WHISTLE
Deserved victory for the visitors, whose supporters sing: “top-tab, top tab….”

90.+9. The GOAL for the HSV
Holtby pushes the Ball from close range into the goal. But to 99 percent of their colleague, Ekdal, who has previously creates a Super Solo run

90.+8. Minute: YELLOW
for Papadopolous, according to the video evidence. What happened? Sörensen has touched him slightly, and he was theatrically fall. Properly the card


90.+7. Minute: GOAL for FC Köln
Sörensen, the goal succeeds. Thereafter, Sorensen and Wallace beharken


90.+5. Minute
Corner Of Cologne. But Guirassy over heads the Ball to the right of the goal

90.+4 Minute: EXCHANGE
Gisdol brings Kostic down, has made a good game and bring Holtby


90.+3 Minute:
The counterattack of the guests: Kostic penetrates into the penalty area and pulls. But Horn is on the Post, and holds his first Ball on this day.

87. Minute:
Now the FC is trying to finally change over the flanks. Guirassy doesn’t hit the Ball properly


84. Minute:
Almost a goal for Köln. But in the bustle of Mathenia’s holding the Ball. Then, the HSV goalkeeper has a cramp

80. Minute:
Free kick Jojic – should probably go on the long pole. But ends up in the.

73. Minute: EXCHANGE
in the case of Cologne captain and veteran Lehmann to come off. Jojic is now to help turn the game around

71. Minute: YELLOW
for Diekmeier for time drag…

69. Minute:
HSV-Keeper Mathenia is a harmless edge the Ball to fall. But no Cologne. There’s more to come in under the number

Outnumbered and still without a goal: Cordoba (M.), and the FC

65. Minute:
Cologne tried to make pressure, but the HSV continues to be sure. More than long shots of the guests not to


61. Minute: EXCHANGE
HSV-Coach Gisdol reacts immediately to the place of reference and get the substitute of the forest Schmitt. For him now, Young in the game


59. Minute: YELLOW-RED
not even a Minute, referee Sören Storks made his Bundesliga debut, and he sends – legal – Mavraj after a Foul on Cordoba from the lawn!

The “new” has been in use: Red for Mavraj


50. Minute: NEXT wiederna whistle
Sören Stroks is there and gives his Bundesliga debut

49. Minute: PAUSE
the players are trying, meanwhile, to somehow keep warm: dehen, shoot on goal. Where is the 4. Official?


49. Minute: PAUSE
FC Coach is trying meanwhile, the exchanged Bittencourt on the bench to cheer up – but will not work

Must hurt to be replaced: referee Brych


49. Minute:
Referee Brych limping off injured. Since a replacement must be found! First Break!

47.l min: BREAK
Outside of the post: Cordoba touches the head. But the Ball is not in there. But maybe that motivated the FC to Yes..


46. Minute: EXCHANGE
FC-coach Stöger goes on the offensive: Sehrou Guirassy for Leonardo Bittencourt


So easy, football is sometimes.
The HSV stands for the rear for sure, the FC only long shots, the Ball close to the opponent’s goal. The front of the HSV uses two standard situation

45.+1 Minute
Cordoba comes in the HSV penalty area to the Ball, but Papadopoulos is here. The Greek clenches fist


44. Minute:
Also Jannes Horn over tried with a shot from distance – this time to the right


42. Minute:
Latte! National player Jonas Hector just before the break. (Almost) a good idea.

34. Minute: GOAL for HSV
Bobby Wood meets for the first time since March. A free kick for the FC doesn’t get the Ball away, and Woods is suddenly alone in front of Cologne goalkeeper Horn.

31. Minute:
Bittencourt draws from 18 yards left the goalkeeper Mathenia stretches and stretches – the Ball just to the left.

29. Minute: EXCHANGE
the scorer needs to get out. Hunt has to hurt to get out. What is it? It is not clear. Luca Waldschmidt for him!

28. Minute: GOAL for HSV
New signing André Hahn draws from 15 metres in from the right into the left corner

22. Minute:
The FC determines the game. The HSV very defensively, waiting for counter-opportunities or Standards

17. Minute:
the HSV is focused first of all on the Defensive. This works – so far – yet.

11. Minute: YELLOW
this time for a FC-player: Sörensen, gegrätscht in Kostic clean

6. Minute
The would have fit! But HSV-goalkeeper Mathenia holds the shot of Cologne Osako

HSV-goalkeeper Mathenia in use

3. Minute: YELLOW
in Hamburg, Mavraj, the only Cordoba, but not the Ball hits


2. Minute
This year there were already 2 x this duel – both won by the HSV. At the last meeting in Cologne, the FC won with 3:0 – all goals by Anthony Modeste, who is now in China to open the scoring.

in the Friday night game of the 2. Game tags


At 20:23
Aaron Hunt is replacing the HSV’s Nicolai Müller, who was, of all things, operates in the Cologne team doctor successfully on the cross band

At 20:15
The HSV is the next Trouble: because of a possible breach of the 50+1 rule is imminent. The Bundesliga-Dino has been invited by the German football League to make a statement. The Background of a statement of Investor Klaus-Michael Kuehne about his influence on the extension of the contract with attacking players Bobby Wood, as well as the Transfer of André Hahn from Borussia Moenchengladbach is


At 20:10
After the Europa League draw and the Dreamless Arsenal FC in the FC-supporters shortly before the home game atmosphere was great. It’s a question of: for how long?

For the first home game of the season, the FC-devotion in the Cologne Dom

At 20:06
The FC has on 1. Round in the Derby at Borussia Mönchengladbach 0:1 lost. The HSV won against FC Augsburg with 1:0.


HSV must do without Nicolai Müller, who has ripped in the last game when celebrating a goal the cross-band

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