Election to the Bundestag expensive than ever


That Germans can choose their Parliament, has its price. And in a very literal sense. The Federal Ministry of the interior expects to record costs for the Organisation of the election to the Bundestag. For two simple reasons.

Essential for the choice and is partly responsible for the increase in costs: volunteers

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According to information from the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” and the “middle Bavarian newspaper” estimated the Ministry of the interior costs in the amount of 92 million euros for the election on may 24. September. Four years ago, according to which around 77 million euros were spent. The estimate is based on experiences from previous elections, said a Ministry spokeswoman.

For the increased cost of higher postage are the costs for the Sending of election notifications and postal ballot documents. In addition, volunteers get a volunteer work – this Time, higher allowances. As reported by the Federal returning officer informed, choice members of the management Board 35 euros, as a so-called soft money for the day, the rest of the helpers in each case 25 Euro. Four years ago, the total was 21 Euro.

As the Newspapers report, citing the German Association of towns and municipalities, are needed in the General election of 650,000 volunteers, to provide around 90,000 polling stations for a smooth process. In some municipalities, the election helpers “are still gaps need to be closed,” said the chief Executive of the Association of municipalities, Gerd Landsberg.

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