The mega fight: a giant event, or making money?


A lot of provocation, a lot of Hype, a lot of money – in the night of Sunday, the Fight between Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather and Mixed Martial rising Arts Star Conor McGregor. The sport of Boxing, the fight spectacle is not likely to do well.

It’s not a world title. It comes to money, even a great deal of money. To be precise, expect the organizers of this spectacle in Las Vegas with more than 620 million dollars – an absolute record sum, which has not existed in the sport of Boxing in this amount. Nearly half of that could put Floyd Mayweather in his pocket. He is one of the most recognized Boxer of his Generation. The 40-Year-old was actually already in “retirement”. After almost a two year break, but now he wants against the Irish cage fighter Conor McGregor for his 50. Victory, and thus his brilliant career – financially – crown. “I do what brings me the most money”, the business man Floyd “Money explains,” Mayweather multiple times.

In the other corner of the flagship athlete of the booming sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA): the Multi-millionaire Conor McGregor. MMA is a mixture of different fighting techniques such as Boxing, kick Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, Kung Fu and Judo. The 29-year-old Irishman is a master. A master he is in his extroverted performances.

McGregor is a dazzling fighter with a Gorilla Tattoo on the chest, fur coats and flowered Leggings in the closet, but also with fast fists and a loose mouth. “I’m not like the other MMA fighter, I’m like the other Boxer. I’m in my own League, and I’m going on 26. August prove,” says McGregor in front of the spectacle of self-conscious. And he is different. He is “The Notorious”, “Notorious”, has not earned this name because of his Statements in good faith. Hate speech against his opponents, and sometimes also their relatives are also customary, such as targeted taunts and provocations. Mayweather for example, he suggested at a press conference, “first pay his tax liabilities”. McGregors training room is adorned meanwhile, a large wall painting, on which he missed Mayweather with a Straight left.

Boxer vs. Mixed Martial Arts fighters

In the normal case, but Mayweather should win this Boxspektakel, even if he has not been a long time in the Ring. The American established himself as one of the best defensive boxers in the history. He is quick and masterful in his technique. And he has announced, of course, McGregor’s knock out. Everything else is not for the professional boxer is not in question. Because of this Mega-Fight will be his last Ring. “I’m going to stand by my word, this will be my last fight.” High paid!

Conor McGregor during weigh-in all “beauty”

The eleven years younger, not a trained Boxer McGregor has an explosive impact. However, the MMA Superstar has to fight to classic-box rules. This change is not expected to him. After all: it was his first professional will be a fight. Real chance of victory is likely to have the Irishman, therefore, if he puts on a “surprise attack tactic”. “I think he will not survive the second round,” said McGregor self-aware. “I can’t imagine that he can take the blows of the first two rounds”. He recently claimed in an Interview that it might even only take ten seconds.

Criticism from the Boxing world

With all the Hype – a lot of icons of Boxing have criticized the battle already. “There’s a lot happening in the run-up to, and there is a Hype, but I don’t take it as a serious fight,” said Ex-world champion Lennox Lewis. Even Mike Tyson showed himself displeased. “McGregor is killed in the boxes. I’m angry because you boxes,” he said: “These rules are fucked up for McGregor. McGregor has agreed to the worst rules in the history of Boxing and Mixed Fightings.”

“Fucking rules” at a good price. Because even if he should lose: The Multi-millionaire will be more than enough to earn this Fight and for a Hype again in his sport of MMA. The sport of Boxing remains on track.

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