Mafia contacts of the Ex-Rosneft chief Eduard Chudajnatow?


In Germany there is talk about the Russian Oil company Rosneft currently, because the former Chancellor Schröder is to obtain an Executive Board position. In Russia, a Russian transmitter on doubtful transactions reported.

A picture from the Rosneft-time: Eduard Chudajnatow at the world economic forum in 2011

The private Russian Pay-TV channel “Doschd” (rain) is known for its Kremlin-critical stance, and explosive revelations. Most recently, the channel also partners of the DW in Russia, an Ex-head of Rosneft, Eduard Chudajnatow, under the magnifying glass. Reporter of “Doschd” want to have discovered a joint business between him and the criminal circles. The trails lead to St. Petersburg.

Now the business of Rosneft: Board of Directors Chairman Igor Setchin

Rosneft describes itself as “market leader of the Russian oil Industry and the world’s largest Oil and gas company”. The state-controlled company with the Motto “For the benefit of Russia,” founded in may of a subsidiary in Berlin and announced investments in the three-digit million range, although it is because of the Russian policy on Ukraine on the EU sanctions list. Soon, the SPD’s former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder in Rosneft is expected to sit Board. Schroeder is in Germany, therefore becoming stronger in the criticism. The CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin is considered a close Confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He used to be, among other things, the Deputy head of office. Also Chudajnatow had old ties to Putin. In 2000, he headed Putin’s election campaign team, “Doschd”.

Tambov Mafia, and a plot of land in St. Petersburg

As Sechin’s previous state-of-the 56-year-old Chudajnatow Rosneft from 2010 to 2012. “Doschd” want to have revealed that the businessman will have a difficult mesh of Cypriot Offshore companies, a majority of the shares (62.5 percent) to a largely unknown company called “Fort”. The “Fort” should have bought a few years ago, around 3600 hectares of land in the port of Primorsk near St. Petersburg. According to earlier plans, there is a new oil Refinery.

This lucrative state property had previously been owned by a other company that want to buy it at a bargain price. Their leaders should have Connections to the so-called “Tambov Mafia” from St. Petersburg. The group was involved in the 1990s, the country is notorious, and even in oil deals.

A piece of filet in the port of Primorsk aroused, apparently, a lot of greed

Tracks in Spain

The Explosive is, who owns the remaining shares of the “Fort”. “Doschd” claimed that it was an Offshore company with ties to the Tambov Mafia. The Sender mentioned a certain businessman Ilya Traber. According to media reports, Trotter is sought, together with a dozen Russian business people since 2016 by Spanish authorities because of Links to Tambov Mafia. “On the basis of the available data, it can be argued that the Active (the company “Fort”, split editors ‘note) between Chudajnatow and the surroundings of scrapie”, the balance of the “Doschd”.

Another spicy Detail: the company “Fort” used to be, according to the “Doschd” the business man and banker Nikolai Schamalow have been involved. His son, Kirill Schamalow is Russian according to media reports, husband of one of Putin’s daughters.

In Spain is calculated in years against the Russian Mafia, among others, for money laundering. In 2008, around 20 suspected members of the Tambov Mafia were arrested in Spain. The Spanish judiciary had adopted in 2016, the arrest warrants against twelve Russians, including Trotter, was also a member of the Russian Parliament on the investigation.

Order of Putin

About Chudajnatows response to the “Doschd”report date, nothing is known. He was most recently the owner of another Oil and gas company and got awarded in March by Putin a medal. The reason: for merits in the “strengthening of the Russian position” on the global energy market and a better investment climate.

The Moscow business daily “Vedomosti” reported on Friday, Chudajnatow and the Chinese company China Energy could soon join them as new shareholders in Rosneft.