New outdoor swimming pool in Paris


In the North of the French capital for the first time opened a swimming pool in a channel. In addition, there are plans for a swimming pool in the Seine. On its shores of a city beach is already enjoying great popularity.

Paris visitors can take a refreshing dip in this summer in the water of a canal basin. For the first time, swimming pools have been set up in the Bassin de la Villette. Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants that in a few years bathing in the Seine. If Paris wins the Olympic games in 2024, there will be at the foot of the Eiffel tower, the Triathlon unsubscribe.

Swimming pool in the Bassin de la Vilette

The channel pool is a floating construction and has three pools with different water depths. The city assures that the water quality is good and regularly be reviewed. The excursion ships traffic of the basin of the with tourists popular Canal Saint-Martin, which flows from there into the Its begins.

Urban beach on the Seine

On Monday afternoon, the first swimmer should be able to into the water, this Tuesday it will be officially inaugurated. Up in the may be His bathed, would have to be the water quality is still significantly better.

is/ks (dpa, afp)