Macron -, the gloss and the reality


The national holiday, Emmanuel receives Macron U.S. President Donald Trump. Also Angela Merkel and her Minister were just a guest. The French capital shines. This could act politically inspiring.

Europe is back! It is a bold sentence, the French daily newspaper Le Monde to your readers is presented. “Europe is back.” So, in a quick, concise English, it is in the sheet, as a tongue-in-cheek reference to all the formulas, the calling on in the past few years, the design of the future, of the “Yes we can” to “Lets make Europe great again”.

After all, says Le Monde, saw it a year ago in Europe are still very different: The British had adopted straight out of the European Union, the populists threatened to win in a number of countries, decisive elections, and especially in France, the terrorism had wreaked havoc. Cynically, the assassin had calculated on 14. In July, the French national holiday, in a nice beat, and a terrible bloodbath.

Now, a year later, Europe is better: The populists have suffered electoral setbacks, the Brexit causing his once so self-conscience of the prophets ever larger headache, and the terrorist organization “Islamic state” has suffered austere military defeats.

Europe lights up

Age before beauty? Not necessarily

And especially: Europe is lit, in particular, and especially in France. Emmanuel Macron, the young, not even 40-year-old President, has itself proven security, and much more. The strong pressure of the hand, with which he has been President of Trump, the man with the strong fist, during the NATO summit welcomed in the spring, as a video scene on the net to be a self-runner.

Not otherwise another Video. It shows Macron as a master of tactical manoeuvre: at the Nato summit Macron to be controlled first, on Trump, turn but at the last Moment to the right, to welcome first of all, Angela Merkel, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the Belgian Premier Charles Michel, and then Trump. For the fraction of a second, the face of the US President’s clouded over. And the two was zero for Macron.

This scene enjoyed by the Europeans. “A Moment of truth” it was said Macron, the Journal du Dimanche, a “refusal to grant a small concession, and that it was only symbolic”.

Working lunch in Versailles, dinner at the Eiffel tower

Political symbolism is the strength of the French President, he also shows in the masterful staging of the cultural heritage of the “Grande Nation”. Only Putin at the working dinner at the Palace of Versailles. Now Macron receives a few days after the Hamburg G20 summit, the couple Trumpzu a dinner in the elegant Restaurant “Le Jules Verne” on the second floor of the Eiffel tower. – since he seems to be back, the sheen of the “Grande Nation”.

Beam power of the Republic: a scene from the French national holiday

As far as the Aesthetics, the symbolism. The political realities of a piece of resistive – are not hopeless so long. “Et en même temps” From his favorite formula Macron can. You must confront a difficult people like Trump necessarily decided. But it can not exclude, Macron is convinced.

So, he runs in Washington, open doors.”Trump is thrilled that the First Lady is thrilled,” quoted Le Figaro, a consultant from the White house to the local mood. To visit “a Few, such as the Macrons in Paris, is wonderful.”

Still a point, so for Macron. “He has purchased Trump for a very reasonable price” – quoted by Le Monde, a particular unnamed diplomatic observers. For the duration of the fire, the US President in Washington is subjected to, Paris as a welcome change, even if only for a day and a half. Nevertheless, the short period of time. “Macron is a bet that the US is in every respect indispensable, which is the mistake the President may commit,” the diplomatic observer.

The effort of the level

Exactly at this point, the symbolic could be transferred into practical work. On the basis of the difficult relationship work Macron and Trump could now turn to the lowlands of the policy. A start is done: France wants to, like Trump wanted, and in the political Paris mainly useful findings, defense spending lift.

“We have common concerns,” said Macron in the middle of the week: “the fight against terrorism and the protection of vital interests.” In this area, the chances of cooperation, unlike in climate policy.

Connection to the symbolism

Watch the Video 00:44

Merkel and Macron demonstrate harmony

Also on this side of the Atlantic. The German-French Council of Ministers in Paris on Thursday, has called for an even closer cooperation between the two States. The common EU defence policy, to come forward, as well as the work to legal requirements, to English-facilitate French couples life. The children and young people of both countries should speak the language of the neighbouring country better and in the future is (still) easier to work with.

Difficult it is to work on a common EU-Budget, as well as more powerful “solidarity mechanisms”. How to support financially to continue to hard-pressed southern States of the EU, and how and especially by whom are to be applied, the costs also a need for discussion is likely to exist that goes far beyond the Meeting of these days. After all, quoted in Le Monde, a consultant from the Elysee Palace, would this work on a “training effect”.

The political symbolism of the reality ahead a few meters. Now it’s just a matter, again, to connect to you.