Fly? But for sure!


Not afraid to fly? Commercial air travel seems to be safer to become, because the number of fatalities decreased in the first half of the year, to a record low. But flying is really safer?

The flight is booked, now the check comes. There are strategically some to consider: Where to get quickly in and out? Where do you find the most leg room and where it is safest? As regards the last point, there are a lot of rumors about what courses the chance of Survival in an accident is greatest. In view of this, the latest publication of Hamburg-based air accident office JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre) achieved life a little easier: The security of the fly has a new record high.

The number of fatal accidents decreased in the first half of 2017 with a dramatically, an analysis of the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre. Only 16 deaths since January you have found in your study for the aviation magazine “Aero International” (August). In the first half of 2016, the number of fatalities was in the international aviation market is still at 175. It was a “sensationally low value” to an already good safety record in 2016.

No deaths on commercial airline flights

The editorial recommends

The warning, security experts alerted in all over the world: Laptops or Tablets in the aircraft could be a camouflage for explosive devices. Now, the risk seems manageable. The US authorities make exceptions. (03.07.2017)

Since the Germanwings disaster always have two persons must be in Cockpit of German Airlines. But that should change, because a gain in safety, it was not. On the contrary, The risks have increased. (28.04.2017)

Images of horror. In a tragic accident in the North of Bavaria, 18 people burned in a coach, only a charred skeleton remained. Top politicians are alarmed. The first critical voices can be heard. (03.07.2017)

For holiday travelers interesting: On Board commercial airline flights, there was not one dead. All of the victims died in cargo, Demonstration or regional demand flights, the accident researchers. Were counted only for the persons on Board.

“This record is all the more impressive, as the average of the last 10 years, 286 people in the first half of the year came to death,” said JACDEC-founders Jan-Arwed Richter and stressed: “only the dead in the coach accident in Bavaria were more than in the entire half of the world’s air traffic.” More and more passengers are transported through the air. Last year 3.7 billion. A forecast for the total leave year, however, is premature, said the judge.

For years, registered and JACDEC analysed the accidents and serious incidents in civil aviation. Are recorded, all aircraft with more than 5.7 tons in weight, or more than 19 Seats.

Fewer accidents = more safety?

Markus Wahl of the pilot Union Cockpit is to be remarked, however, that the statistics would only reflect the accidents, but not the safety level of the entire industry. The airlines would deal differently with mistakes and errors. “There are Airlines that don’t put their pilots as belonging under pressure to talk about error – this is not for the safety culture conducive to” choice.

In addition, choice warns of new risks arising, for example, by drones and could lead to collisions with aircraft. It hapere also in the case of the Cyber-safety in the Cockpit – despite the appeasing of protestations on the part of the industry. “A protection against tampering, there is hardly – especially in older aircraft was as yet not thought of,” says choice. The electronic safety in the Cockpit was at best rudimentary.

As a precaution, but the right choice

If you still want to do something against his fear of flying: As a bit safer places in the vicinity of an emergency exit in the rear area, since aircraft accidents are often damaged less severely, and, if there are three rows, should not sit by the window, since it comes out so fast.