Wim Wenders staged for the first time, an Opera


The Director Wim Wenders is venturing into new territory. Next Saturday, his first Opera, celebrates its Premiere in the state Opera in Berlin. Wenders stages Georges Bizet’s “pearl fishers”, conducted by Daniel Barenboim.

Many have done it already: Woody Allen, Luchino Visconti, Andrei Tarkovsky and most recently Michael Haneke. The leap from the Director’s chair for the cinema on the of the Opera is apparently tempting. Now Wim Wenders has completed his first Opera Director. The Premiere is on November 24. In June, the Berlin state Opera. Selected by the German film Director George Bizet’s “The pearl fishers” in 1863.

Wenders: “I have everything more under control,”

Wim Wenders stated in an interview with the German press Agency on the fundamental differences between Film and Opera Director: “In the Film, I have everything more under control. In the Opera, the casting Person, the Director is the conductor of the second violin.” Conductor of the Opera will be Daniel Barenboim.

Daniel Barenboim

He had first heard in the seventies, from Bizet’s Opera, and later he bought the long-playing record, says Wenders. For him, a classic love triangle was stuck in the plot of the play””. And something else has irritated the film Director, apparently, specially in this rather unknown work of the Carmen-composer: “it was a great pleasure to exotic places, without having to know much of them. Bizet thought it to have its Opera in Mexico, then sent him to the librettist in the Indian ocean to Ceylon.”

Exotic locations have Wim Wenders has always been done

Wenders has many of his films based on “exotic locations”. Some of his works can be described almost as a travel movies. His Film “Until the end of the world” (1991) turned to the Director, for example, at locations in Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, the USA, Australia and Japan.

Georges Bizet

With music set by Wenders at the beginning of his career intensively, a number of documentaries about musicians rotated. Also, the Soundtracks to his films are considered to be particularly carefully compiled and witnesses of Wenders’ great music interest. The related but far more on “Latin American music to Rock’n’Roll, Blues and Fado”, as Wenders admits.

“The story has a universal core”

But the jump to the Opera Director was able then, apparently, also on the access to the history of the Opera “The pearl fishers”, “fortunately, the story has a universal core: Two men and a woman, that’s also in the cinema often. Here it is in Love with his forbidden love, on the other, the friend, the jealousy after a bout of furious but his shadow can jump and with a gesture of generosity, the love of the two releases,” Wenders to the German press Agency.