Trump Poroshenko meets Putin?


For Kiev it is a Sensation: U.S. President Donald Trump receives perhaps the Ukrainian colleague Petro Poroshenko, even before his first Meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. The expectations are high.

To the Details appears to have been filed until the last Minute. Different is not to explain why the office of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has confirmed his visit to the USA on a Monday morning, short and no Details mentioned. At this time, Poroshenko, apparently, already in the plane direction of Washington. That Poroshenko flies surprisingly, in the United States and its American colleague Donald Trump hits, reported last Wednesday the Ukrainian media. According to some data, the visit for Monday and Tuesday of this week should be planned. A Meeting with Trump, however, is not officially confirmed until today.

Since the victory Trumps the presidential election in the USA in Kiev, made an intensive effort to a lace meeting with the new man in the White house. Especially the timing was important. Poroshenko wanted to talk to Trump if possible before the Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his perspective on the conflict with Russia and to win Washington as an ally. The American and the Russian head of state to meet on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Hamburg at the beginning of July for the first time.

Kiev feared Moscow-Washington Deal

The rush of the Ukraine has to do with Expressions of Trumps during the election campaign. The Kiev leaders, it is not admitted publicly, but it was obvious Kiev was afraid of a Deal between Moscow and Washington at the expense of Ukraine. Trump had several times occasion, in which he praised Putin, and easing the after the annexation of Crimea introduced US sanctions against Russia hinted at. Also on a recognition of the Crimea as part of Russia he was willing to talk, or so interpreted, at least many of the media question his answer to a Report.

Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin would prefer to speak with Donald Trump than with each other

The campaign Manager Trumps and a former adviser to the had fled to Russia Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, Paul Manafort, was forced to resign after revelations of Kiev about alleged black payments a few months before the election. Whether this Episode has impacted the ratio of Trumps to the current Ukrainian leadership, is not known.

Trump tweeted appeal for peace

Since then, in the USA, Russia contacts of the Trump team are the subject of numerous investigations, you can hear Russia-friendly tone from Washington, however, is much rarer. A few days before Poroshenko’s visit to Washington, the U.S. Senate decided that new sanctions against Russia. Against this Background, Poroshenko is likely to be at his first Meeting with Trump more relaxed.

The editorial recommends

With the end of the visa obligation for the European Union has become for many Ukrainians a dream come true. However, the new trip should easily have in the West, tighter controls in the East. (16.06.2017)

Not least because of the allegation of election interference, the relationship between the two superpowers and very excited. The President of Russia is sufficient to symbolically Hand, but from the U.S. Senate comes up sharp against the wind. (15.06.2017)

Several important leaders have made the new US President to pay their respects. The Russian head of state has so far been missing on the list. Now, it seems to clear when the two will see four eyes. (02.05.2017)

During the affair of Russia-contacts of the Trump-election campaign team is becoming increasingly critical, surprised the US President with a new Volte: Moscow would have to give the Crimea to the Ukraine back. (15.02.2017)

The Ukrainian and US-American head of state, both former businessmen, and billionaires, have never met in person. Since the victory of the Trumps there were only two direct contacts with the Ukrainian side with the new US Administration. In mid-February, Poroshenko met on the sidelines of the Munich security conference, US Vice-President Mike Pence. From Kiev it was said afterwards that Washington had pledged to support the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine to settle. In mid-may, received a Trump in Washington, the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, and on the same day, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The US President tweeted photos of the separate Meetings and a message in large letters: “Let us make peace!”

The new role of the United States

These talks with the Russian and Ukrainian foreign Ministers, suggest that behind-the-Scenes on a new impetus for the peace process in Eastern Ukraine is being negotiated. For months, speculation that the United States could be more active than before in this process is switched on. Kiev wants the. So far, Germany and France lead in the so-called Normandy Format of talks with Russia and the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin, said in may that a Meeting between Trump and Poroshenko will then be prepared when discussions on the future role of the United States will be completed in the solution to the Ukraine crisis. Berlin and Paris were involved in these discussions.

The Kiev Journalist Serhij Rudenko believes that after the Meeting Trumps with Poroshenko, that there could be movement in the Ukraine crisis. “It could lead to a new conversation format with the participation of the United States,” said Rudenko of the DW. Am looking for a solution, the Kiev give back control of the Eastern Ukraine, and Moscow would have a true face. Much is likely to depend on talks between Trump and Putin. “The key” to resolving the conflict, Rudenko, “is still in Moscow”.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    The occupation of the Crimea

    Vladimir Putin as a Hero in graffiti and posters – Russian instead of Ukrainian flags. So the street scene has changed in Crimea since the spring of 2014. Within a few days Uniformed occupied – without national insignia – the government building and the Parliament in Simferopol, later a barracks of the Ukrainian military in the part of Ukraine – the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Referendum on joining Russia

    Despite the protests, there were on 16. March 2014, in circumvention of the Constitution of Ukraine an illegal Referendum on the annexation of Crimea to Russia. The Peninsula was transferred in 1954 from the Russian Soviet Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic was not recognized. The accession of the Crimea to the Russian Federation, it was decided.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Crimean Tatars have no rights

    Anyone who is opposed to the annexation by Russia, will be pursued. This is particularly true of the Tatars of the Crimea: their representation, the Majlis, has been determined to 2016 as an extremist organization. There are always searches and arrests. That brings back memories: 1944, the Crimea had been deported Tatars as “enemies of the people” by the Soviets of the Peninsula.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Only Russian television

    Instead of the Ukrainian TV channels were turned off in Crimea in the spring of 2014, there are now only analog Russian television. The independent channel of the Crimean Tatars ATR, who joined the territorial integrity of Ukraine, sends now from Kiev. In the Crimea, he may no longer be active. Also, many other media were banned.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Thus, legally, the Crimea

    According to Ukrainian law it is prohibited for foreigners to enter the Crimea without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities. Anyone in breach of the entry ban for the whole of Ukraine is imminent. To get legal on the Crimea, it is necessary to pass the control points to the “administrative border” between Crimea and the Ukrainian mainland by car or on foot.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Sanctions after the annexation

    The EU and the USA do not recognize the annexation of the Crimea by Russia. They imposed sanctions and banned its citizens purchases of real estate and businesses in the Crimea. Were there may be introduced, neither in the EU nor in the USA. In addition, numerous sanctions have been imposed against certain individuals, companies and organizations.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Wait, that Putin will honour his promise

    Those who voted in the Crimean Referendum for joining Russia, the hopes that Putin will honour his promise: a bridge to the Russian mainland, a gas pipeline and power plants. Social problems should be solved. However, the income does not keep up with the price increase. Reports on the displeasure of and local protests, it is only in social networks and independent media.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Bridges-job for Putin-friend

    The construction of a bridge across the Strait of Kerch to the Russian mainland is in full swing. The construction contract, with a value of 228 billion rubles (about 3.7 billion Euro) was awarded to a company of Russian oligarch and Putin friend Arkady Rotenberg. Are planned for four lanes and two railway tracks. By the end of 2019, this connection to the Russian mainland to be finished.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Redistribution in favour of the Russians

    Small business in the Crimea is suffering from a redistribution of property in favour of Russian businessmen. Radio Liberty reported that the number of small firms of 15,000 (2014) went to 1000 (2016). Problems have also been the owner of real estate on the coast. Courts can declare documents, which were issued prior to the annexation to be null and void.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Huge losses in tourism

    During the bathing season opened on the Crimea all the beaches. But the influx of tourists has plummeted in the past three years by almost 30 percent. Rail connections are interrupted, flights are expensive. Due to the EU sanctions, cruise ships are no longer in control of the Crimea.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    Historical gold treasures end up in Kiev

    The gold ornaments and the weapons of the medieval nomads, the Scythians, are no longer return to the Crimea. The end of 2016, a Dutch court decided to hand over the unique collection of 550 artefacts from the museums of Crimea to Kiev. The gold part of an exhibition that was Europe at the time of the annexation of Crimea in the West were on the road treasures.

  • The Crimea three years after the annexation

    The winner: a pensioner with a Russian passport

    Since the annexation of the Crimea can SIM-residents about-cards for mobile phones, only with a Russian passport. But on the Peninsula issued the passport there is no visa for the EU or the USA. Winner of the annexation of the pensioners have accepted a Russian passport. Your pension has been raised to the Russian level. Women already get a 55 instead of 60 years pension.

    Author: Natalia Makuschina