Merkel encouraged Bucharest to more reforms


It is an anniversary visit. And yet, President Iohannis will come when you call by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Romania’s domestic political tensions in the EU country. Merkel warns. Iohannis calmed down.

Actually, Klaus Iohannis is on a big foreign tour. A few days ago he was in Washington and spoke with US President Donald Trump. Now he is to Wednesday in Berlin. From there, it goes to Brussels for a bilateral Meeting with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and the European Council (in which he looks to Merkel, again).

But also in the Federal Chancellery, the current internal political situation catches up with him in Romania – a severe government crisis. Well on Wednesday a vote of confidence against Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, after him, his own party, the ruling social Democrats, have withdrawn from the trust. Because Grindeanu refuses to loosen the criminal law on Corruption.

Pompous architecture from Ceausescu’s time: the Parliament building in Bucharest

You appreciate each other

Iohannis tries to journalists to dispel concerns about foreign policy consequences of this turmoil. “Europe and foreign policy are affected in any way, because I get involved very, very strong,” he said. And all of the relevant politician wanted, that these policies are “reasonable”, you are in Europe, political aspects, “all of the same opinion”. Chancellor Merkel has to say, officially, actually, nothing – and says something. They are not external to internal political Affairs in the country of the guest. But you wish that the rule of law and democracy in Romania would be further strengthened. The country has made since its accession to the EU in 2007, significant reform steps – also in the fight against corruption. “Any Softening of the Achieved so far” – you’ve said John – would lead to “we should also make progress in other matters in question”. It was “important that the reform process continues”.

You can feel that they both appreciate each other. Finally, the Chancellor had the President last September. The exchange has continuity. In detail, Merkel reminded at the beginning of the press conference that both countries 50 years ago, diplomatic relations between shots, that you signed before 25 years together, the friendship Treaty, Romania was taken ten years ago in the EU. She praises him, he praises her: “dear Angela,” he says, and repeatedly responds.

Stresses sincerely in dealing with each other: Chancellor Merkel and President Iohannis

Speakers at the commemoration of flight and expulsion

This Tuesday Iohannis is the keynote speaker at the “day of remembrance for the victims of flight and expulsion” in the German Historical Museum. With this day of remembrance, the Federal government, established in 2015 to the victims of flight and expulsion in the world and, in particular, to the German Displaced persons. The 58-year-old Iohannis belongs to the German minority, the Transylvanian Saxons in Romania, was prior to his election to the presidency in 2014, the mayor of Sibiu. The German minority, he says, have “important meaning, to create a bridge between our countries and to strengthen”.

“I believe in Europe, I am a Pro-European”, said Iohannis occasionally. He also speaks on Monday, the – still open – question of the inclusion of Romania in the Schengen area, which would ensure the freedom of movement in a common Europe. “Maybe we can manage to find it as quickly as possible with a solution.”