Macrons Reform-Parliament


Never before in French history, a political Elite has been replaced democratically in such a radical as the “En Marche”-triumph. The movement of the President now has the Say in Parliament.

The Jobberater of the employment Agency now have many potential customers in the corridors of the national Assembly. After the second round of the parliamentary elections in France, the personnel in the engine room of the policy is replaced as comprehensive as never before in the democratic history of France. When the new members take up today for the first time, their seat in the national Assembly, three-quarters of them for the first mandate.

The victory of President Macrons political movement, “La République En Marche” will change the ancient Institution on the banks of the Seine, first of all, visually, From just 27 to almost 39 percent, the share of women has an effort among the members in the height – while the key functions of government remain firmly in male hands.

New candidates: Many En Marche-the Deputy policy for the first time to the profession

More than a political change of generation

With a good 60 percent of the members of the government parties have a comfortable majority. You can bring Macrons reform agenda of its own power through Parliament. What are the political currents are emerging in the group, but so far difficult to predict. Many En Marche-members come from civil society, were selected after an Internet call from Thousands of applications, have little political experience. “A man can say but surely you are all pro-Europe and sympathetic to the measures in the Macron announced,” analyzed Nino Galetti, head of the CDU-near Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Paris. Nevertheless will it for the group top is a great challenge, to lead the new members.

The French have given your President a majority in Parliament

It is clear that The newcomers are only in need of time to learn the political business. As a help En Marche “offers” a three-day course on parliamentarism and functioning of the national Assembly and helps in the search for Employees.

The government has a mandate for Reform?

Against the wind for the Reformer Macron will come in the future, especially from the street. On the day after the election, the week of action of the radical CGT Union starts. It rejects the Reform of the labour market, at the heart of Macrons modernisation plan for France. It will now depend on in the coming weeks, much of how well the government creates it, the critics of the reforms. A reform mandate, as in France-expert Galetti sure, have the government in any case. Also if the left people, Jean-Luc Mélenchon tribune because of the historically low turnout of a “General strike of the citizens”.

Reformers Macron: The previous government failed on several occasions due to the resistance of trade unions.

Unlike some observers prior to the elections, suspected, the opposition parties in the national Assembly strong enough to be an effective opposition to take the role. Especially the conservative “Les Républicains” have one with 137 members almost halved, but still well-fortified group. In the coming weeks you will be busy licking the wounds of their defeat. With Edouard Philippe and Bruno Le Maire heavy weights of the party are changed in the government of President Macron. “There is a danger that ‘Les Republicains’ no longer exist in this Form for too long, but split is – in a rather liberal, the President and the government of the facing part, and in part, would prefer to make a sharp Opposition,” says Nino Galetti.

Prime Minister from the ranks of the Conservative Edouard Philippe

Historic debacle of the socialists

With a more than 100-year-old party’s history, the socialists to the political asset of the French Republic. After the presidential and parliamentary elections, they are pulverized, however, almost. Only 29 members of the party of the socialists in the national Assembly – along with its allies, splinter movements, there are 44. Almost all of the Ministers of Ex-President Hollande have been punished at the ballot box. The voters have thrown the political Elite of the party from the Parliament. Ex-Prime Minister Manuel Valls was able to save himself as an independent candidate with a razor-thin margin of 139 votes in the national Assembly.

Who takes over after the resignation of party leader Jean-Christophe Cambadélis the reconstruction of the Left, is not yet in sight. In addition, the party is due to the reduced reimbursement of election campaign costs prior to a financial Disaster.

The political extremists

From the existential crisis of the socialists, a former party Dissident, who founded years ago, his own political movement was able to benefit with Jean-Luc Mélenchon. For the first time, his movement pulls in “The defiant France” (La France Insoumise) in the group of strength to the Parliament. Mélenchon, but also the extremists of the political Right will now use the stage in the Parliament, in order to operate according to the strong Opposition against the Macron and the government. With: Front National leader Marine Le Pen, who was able to win after the significant defeat in the presidential run-off election for the first Time, a mandate in the national Assembly.

Of the old political staff, now some veterans are writing their memoirs and their point of view on a political election year, provide the had said not an expert even in the slightest way as before. Prior to unemployment, must fear, however, hardly any of them. Members enjoy in France special conditions: While the average Frenchman only after 40 contribution years in the pension can go, meet the members of Parliament for 30 years for the full remuneration.