Bosch to build semiconductor plant in Dresden


The automotive supplier Bosch is building a new semiconductor factory in Dresden. The investment in the new factory amounts to around one billion euros. Also, the tobacco company Philip Morris is investing in the city on the Elbe.

“The new production facility for semiconductor is the largest single investment in the more than 130-year history of Bosch,” said the company’s CEO Volkmar Denner on Monday. The majority of the investments by around 700 jobs are to be created, the Stuttgart-based group. The Federal government wants to contribute, in the words of state Secretary for Economic Affairs Matthias Machnig, with up to 200 million Euro, also of Saxony, helping to Finance. The EU Commission has to agree to that. “I’m firmly convinced that it will succeed,” said Machnig. The construction is to be made no later than the beginning of 2018, the start of production is planned for 2021.

The Chip needs of the world’s largest automotive supplier is increasing with the growing demand for technology for connected vehicles or everyday objects. Bosch already operates a chip factory in Reutlingen, Germany and is a leading sensor manufacturer. You have chosen the Saxon capital, because there is a large potential of skilled workers. “The economic location of Dresden offers to us for the Expansion of our semiconductor expertise to good conditions,” said Bosch Board of management member Dirk Hoheise.

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The Stuttgart-based technology company, Bosch is planning, according to media reports in Dresden, the construction of a second semiconductor factory in Germany. Bosch wants to invest in Saxony supposedly a billion euros. (15.06.2017)

Earlier than expected, the automotive supplier Bosch, for his delivery problems for BMW solved. Due to a lack of parts from Bosch, BMW has ramped up production in Germany, China, and South Africa. (31.05.2017)

The automotive supplier Bosch is reinforced with a strategic partnership Engagement in the development of self-driving cars in China. In the centre is the development of high-precision road maps. (19.04.2017)

“For us, it’s spectacular,” said Saxony’s Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich after the victory in an international competition. The free state of Saxony has attracted as “Silicon Saxony” many companies and scientific institutions. Manufacturers, service providers and universities are United in the Association “Silicon Saxony”. According to the data of the 320 member companies employ approximately 20,000 employees. One of the largest chip manufacturers in the on-site Infineon, Globalfoundries and the Dutch NXP.

Also, Philip Morris is investing in Dresden

Also, Philip Morris is investing in Dresden. The tobacco company building in Dresden, a factory for the manufacture of tobacco sticks for electronic cigarettes and creates 500 new jobs, as the company announced also on Monday. The construction of the 80,000 square foot plant is scheduled to begin this year and expected to start in early 2019 to be completed. The investment amounts to nearly EUR 286 million.

In the Philip Morris factory in Dresden, the tobacco sticks Heets are to be produced for the electronic tobacco heater Iqos, to meet with the group, the demand for potentially less harmful Alternatives to cigarettes wants. In this the tobacco is not burned, according to the group information, but only heated.

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