With climate protection on vote catching


The Green Bob up and down in the polls with only seven percent. What is the reason? And as you come out of this Deep again? The party base has clear views. Nina-timbered houses reported.

The topics of the Greens are boring and irrelevant, as critics claim? “Even the German beer is in danger,” replies top candidate Katrin Göring-Eckardt of the ridicule – a consequence of climate warming, the loss to the hops and, thus, the favorite drink of the Germans. The climate and the environment is in the Green at the top of the Agenda, the delegates of the electoral party tags quite right. “The issue of climate change moved a lot of people, and they trust us in this area of expertise,” says Peter Heilrath, who is in Munich for the German Bundestag.

Peter Heilrath, delegate from Munich

But why is the Green are in the polls at seven percent, although choice of researchers to hold potential for greater? The Greens have a problem with a communication, he went on to add the delegate from Munich, Germany. They had gathered in a “politically-practical Routine”, and the contact to the people lost. “We have not so far succeeded, of our content on emotions.”

Red lines”

The 48-Year-old wishes that the core demands of the party are tapered so that they are easy to communicate. “Red lines”, i.e. non-negotiable content that would need to be clearly drawn – and in possible coalition negotiations after the election, then also binding. About the requirement for marriage for all, including Gays and lesbians, who have written the Green on your Berlin Congress in their election program – without them, there would be the Green not the coalition agreement.

Moritz Heuberger, Federal spokesman of the Green youth

“We now need to be more specific”, also calls for Moritz Heuberger, the Federal spokesman of the Green youth. Those who choose the Green, you should know exactly what he had in practical life, such as a minimum remuneration of apprentices. “Consequences instead of trends” is what the 26-Year-old this strategy. The Greens should not be afraid of offending, and to provoke. A party that still wants to please not only the majority of society and, often bending, give at the end of a blurred image. The Green should “be more Diva and less of Everybody’s” Darling says Heuberger. Then a good choice will result in.

“The talk”

The phase-out of nuclear energy, the separation of Waste, the conservation of nature – that all this is also a merit of the Green, sometimes into oblivion. 20 years ago, says Susanne Hoffmann-Maier, have you talked still “the mouth” on the green ideas that are common knowledge by now. If the experienced local politician from Hesse speaks with potential voters, reminding them – and calls at the same time, many problems in environmental and climate protection is still unsolved. Here, Germany is not a pioneer, of the need for action is huge.

For 26 years, in the case of the Green: Susanne Hoffmann-Maier

“With the issue of climate change – one of the causes of Flight – can reach many people,” says Hoffmann-Maier. But the Green would have to search a lot more than before the conversation with the people. In the past, they had been too often “under”. “Go out, go out, go out,” recommends the delegates from Hesse to your party friends. The door-to-door election campaign that the leadership of the Green sets this time on a large scale, it holds therefore for a good idea. “Then people will see that we are not foolish mystics.”