German cinema in China: the Shanghai film festival shows 49 German movies


It is the film festival in Shanghai is on a par with Cannes, Venice and Berlin. This year, the German cinema is the focus, with classics by Lang and Fassbinder, as well as current productions from Germany.

“The mood is good. The German Film has a good run,” said state Minister for Culture Monika Grütters recently at the Festival in Cannes. 16 films with German participation had been shown on the Croisette, at the end of Diane Kruger received the award as best actress.

49 German films in Shanghai

Whether it is sufficient also in Shanghai at the end of that award, remains to be seen. The odds aren’t that bad. Not less than 49 German films and Co-productions run according to “German Films” at the Festival (17.-26.June 2017) – in almost all sections. In the main category, the competition for the Golden Cup, is shown to be “Simple” by Markus Goller, prominently occupied with David Kross, Frederick Lau, Emilia Schüle, and Devid Striesow.

Cult Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder

In the “Simple” tells the story of a Director, Goller, the history of the brothers, Ben and Barnabas. The latter is mentally retarded. After the mother dies, should he be in a home deported. However, Ben is strictly against it. The two make themselves on the way to the father. “Simple” is competing against 13 competitors, including works by prominent Directors such as Bille August, Robert Mullan and Ann Hui. Most recently, Chris Kraus, and his Film “Four minutes”, “Frei nach Plan” by Franziska Meletzky in the following year, had been able to win in the years 2006 and 2007, films from Germany in Shanghai:.

Documentary contribution to the refugee crisis

In the other program sections in Germany to 2017 is represented. In the documentary film competition, and Jakob Preuss is involved with “When Paul came by sea”. Preuss told here is the story of Paul, a refugee from Cameroon, the Director already knows longer.

From Cameroon to Europe: “When Paul came by sea”

In the animation film competition high-flyers – small birds, large clatter” by Toby Genkel and Reza Memari’s “. In addition, the premiere of “Berlin Falling” with Ken Duken is running as a world series “Jackie Chan Action Movie Week”. Duken tells the story of a former elite soldier in Germany has difficulties to gain a foothold.

Cooper is about to be shown six times

The Programme “Focus Germany” and “Spectrum” show, in addition, 27 other German recent films of Directors such as Kai Wessel, Fatih Akin, John Naber, Christian Schwochow and Marie Noëlle. The section “Tribute to Masters” is organised in this year, the German Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. A total of six films in the 1982 deaths of film genius of the Chinese public gets to see. The restored Version of the classic “The weary death” by Fritz Lang is also listed in Shanghai.

Showdown in the road movie “Berlin falling” with Ken Duken (R.) and Tom Wlaschiha

The German premieres are presented by many Directors, producers and actors in person. The Festival is one of the so-called A-Festivals, is formally so, Cannes, Venice and Berlin. It was founded in 1993 and initially every two years aligned. Since the beginning of the new Millennium, it is held annually.