Experiments in a nasty game


The DFB-perspective players want to win the confederations Cup, national coach Joachim Löw, however, only findings. From the starting line-up against Australia Löw makes still a mystery.

Now Joachim Löw is happy right at the confederations Cup. “He is like a gift,” said the national coach almost 23 hours before the kick-off of the opening game against Australia on Monday (17: 00 CEST in the DW live Ticker) to the controversial tournament. During a tour of the 21 players to captain Julian Draxler on Sunday evening in the Olympic stadium of Sochi, the anticipation and tension increased in the perspective of the team with 13 tournament newcomers.

“It tickles all of us, that is a good sign,” said Leverkusen’s Bernd Leno, in goal. “I think the tension will be a bit larger than a game in the Champions League,” confessed the 25-Year-old, who was already at the FIFA press conference in the WM-Arena is very tense.

“A victory would be good”

Löw widespread Confidence before the first serious case for his Mega-Experiment with many inexperienced world Cup volunteers. “I have an incredibly good feeling to go with this perspective team in the tournament,” said the national coach: “The team is burning at the Start.” He wouldn’t put it past his hungry boy band to the iconic team of senior Sandro Wagner a lot, even if not to run straight at the beginning maybe everything will. “A victory would be good, we are aiming to achieve,” said Leno, who of course wants to play to Zero.

Bernd Leno stands in front of his fifth-A-country – game-it goes for him at a place behind Manuel Neuer

The final training had moved Löw in the short term, on the usual training space next door. “19.30 at the stadium, I was too late.” The 57-Year-old wanted to train for the kick-off time at 18.00 local time and not to be defined later FIFA date. For Löw, the sixth tournament as a responsible Federal coach, a special. Winning the title is not the goal, how else in the world – and European championship, everything is arranged. “I can experiment, under competitive conditions,” he said. And the confederations Cup might help to achieve the objectives in the coming years.

Little understanding for the Fans

Löw knows that Germany as a world champion with the kick-off against Australia, his Status as fair as possible. “It is the world stage of football this summer. All the continents look on this tournament,” he said in the ARD.

His radical personnel selection for the tournament has also split in the home Fans. In a representative survey by the opinion research Institute Yougov, 42 percent of people interested in football German löw’s confederations Cup course is not hot. Only 19 percent support this fully. Low 13 per cent of the 2050 respondents to estimate the chances of winning the title as a very good. 48 percent see only a low to very low victory prospects.

There is uncertainty also in the DFB-Tross, although in the two weeks of being together a certain amount of euphoria has built up and the team spirit is pronounced, as all of the stress. The preliminary round against Australia, Chile and Cameroon is no one rating but as a self-runner. “Our group is not easy,” said defender Antonio Rüdiger. He felt that the world champion is not considered without his first occupation as a favorite. “I think that some are underestimated, this can be an advantage for us.”

Hard Australians expected

Equal to the Start of the Leipzig tournament newcomer Timo Werner expects a “nasty game”. The Australians with the Stuttgart goalkeeper Mitch Langerak and the Newly-Herthaner Mathew Leckie will try “to fight us with a great physique and hardness,” believes the attacker Werner.

Defender Antonio Rüdiger is showing at the stadium of Sochi, where he wants to with the DFB-Team: up

Löw has tried to work with his Team in the short preparation time, some automatisms. In Training, he practiced often with a three-chain. §The Defensive we need to keep compact and stable,” he said. The attack game has been tailored to the new Central striker Wagner. “Now you can act also, of course, with flanks into the penalty area. We had previously not always so. We have a lot of things about combinations done on the floor,” said Löw.

On the tracks of world Champions

A champion of Wagner, but also talents such as Leon Goretzka, Werner, or Niklas Süle wants to develop Löw in Russia as a print-maker for the pausing of the Top national players. “You can feel that the players believe in their Chance,” said team Manager Oliver Bierhoff. Leno confirmed for the competition between the three goalkeepers. “Manu is number 1, this is clear. Behind it, the fight is opened,” said Leno.

The Australians will appreciate the “champion of light”. Because of the better experience at tournaments has made the DFB-Team. In 2005, there were at the start of the confederations Cup in Germany a 4:3 victory. 2010 world Cup in South Africa, the German team 4:0 won. It is important initial were firing in the careers of later world Champions such as Schweinsteiger, Podolski and Mertesacker in 2005, or Mueller, Kroos, Khedira and Özil five years later. Löw reminded his Confed-Cup-Kicker in Sochi once again explicitly to the beginnings of these actors become “world stars”. Copy the message to Goretzka, Werner and co. is

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