Column: The Berlin war for the cross on the castle


A cross or not cross; that is the question. The cross on the future of Berlin’s Humboldt-Forum, a religious war flared up. But actually, it’s about much more, says DW columnist Gero Closing.

When politicians argue to the cross, then it is usually on the ballot. In the reconstructed Berlin city Palace, which used to open from 2019, as the Humboldt-Forum and the Museum of world cultures, it extends gülden on the dome. Or better said, it should protrude. Still to see there’s nothing up there except for the air in Berlin.

Culture Senator Lederer and the Left

Berlin’s culture Senator Klaus Lederer: “The cross is anachronistic”

But now this air polarized number. It is precisely in the religious cored Berlin. A religious war is raging. And the drives, the Berlin Kreuz-fighters further and further into the maze Absurdistans. Since the “Förderverein Berliner Schloss”, proclaimed solemnly that now, with a patronage of money the cross of gold is paid and it should be planted on the castle dome, there will be no stopping. Berlin’s Left-wing culture Senator Klaus Lederer intone way in Sebastian Bach Johann passions-anger, according to the Pharisees choir: “away with!” Totally anachronistic to the cross, Lederer complains and delivers the remaining of Berlin’s handful of courageous rest of the Christians relish in front of the Shin. Lederer’s statement: Finally, the Humboldt-Forum contains no religious premises. Others, such as the daily newspaper “taz”, see, cross, strengthened the reactionary Preußentum from the Hohenzollern crypt resurrected. Once the Hohenzollern Emperor was derived from the cross to be a democracy, hostile to the grace of God, we learn from the article. Thus he sought to keep the rebellious citizenry in check. And now?

Grütters and the Good

Is mild: For state Minister for Culture Monika Grütters, the cross is mercy

There’s a lot of ideology is felt. And the absurd fear that we could define with this most important cultural project in Germany as the Nation with the Occidental-Christian roots. But that’s exactly what we are. And that is a good thing!

That is why it surprises me, how forgiving and unsure of the “other side” operates. Not a bad word about Lederer and the Left. Christian love everywhere. Or rather cowardice in the face of the enemy? State Minister for culture Monika Grütters want to see in the cross in front of all goodness and mercy, and, of course, not do without it. The turn brings the three founding Directors of the Humboldt – forum, Neil McGregor, Hermann Parzinger, and Horst Bredekamp, on the Plan. Everything else, just not a Christian cross, of this cross.

Still want to retrofit quickly: Hermann part Zinger is for the word “doubt”

How, please? We RUB our incredulous ears. The cross is, therefore, strictly speaking, not a cross? The already, to give the three from the Humboldt-Forum. It was in the Original construction and that this could not be wegzensieren in the case of a reconstruction. Right on! But then, the Director-Trio of power Babylon, the voice of chaos is perfect with an idea to put the Golden dome, cross by the way of the ideological K. O.: Comparison of the cross – and to his ideological neutralization – to be attached nicely to the word “doubt” in large letters. The “doubt” there is already – as an Installation by the artist Lars Ø Ramberg, built for the Palace of the Republic, and after its demolition mothballed.

Spasm to unit rocker

Sorry! This record-breaking density of verkopftem nonsense get only the Germans. When it comes to projects that have to do with history and Nation, they are especially good at this. See the failed unit, rocker, wants to remember as a national monument to the peaceful Revolution, and but scorn and derision reaping.

Let’s be honest: wrong-headed the idea of the city Palace from the mothballs of history to rummage out, and as an ethnological Museum to change the polarity. The outside of Wilhelmine Baroque facade, interior world cultures: This does not fit together. Who wants to force together, except the valued cultural and Museum experts?

Still no cross on the dome: The Humboldt-Forum is still under construction

It has long been clear to me: The war for the cross, there is more to it. It comes to me, to us, about who we are and how we want to live together. The refugee crisis has placed the unanswered question of Identity of the German brutal open. Yes, it’s true: Islam is part of Germany. But Christianity has been with us for a long time. And even the Jewish influences. Especially: We are not a neuter.

The cross up! And doubts down.

There is still time to find a clear language, before the Humboldt-Forum is mutated permanently to the great house kruder ideas. Otherwise it would not have earned the cross as the crowning of the dome, but the fool’s cap.