“The Art of Banksy” will be shown in Berlin


    He leaves behind everywhere in the world, his political Statements: anonymous on houses and walls sprayed. Now Work of Street Art-to see the artist Banksy in Berlin – a contradictory exhibition.

    In the rooms of the former celebrity club “Felix” in Berlin-Mitte was opened on Friday, the exhibition “The Art of Banksy”. As a commercial Showcase, the wall was to see the exhibition in Antwerp, Istanbul, Amsterdam, and in Melbourne, Australia. The artist himself has not authorized. 80 images from private collectors, including minor Work, which Banksy has often made as a sample print for his motives, are to be seen in the rooms. One of his most popular graffiti, “The Girl and the Balloon” is, in addition, yet not open to the public sculptures and framed oil paintings, Banksy artist, and alienated.

    World Famous “Balloon Girl”

    The price is high

    19,75 Euro entrance fee (about 22 US dollars) it costs to use the images in Berlin to look at. As a Street Art-original, you have to admire, however, in many places in the world are freely accessible and free of charge. A hard-to-discontinuing contradiction. The curator of the Exhibition, Steve Lazarides, describes himself as a former agent and friend of the artist. He admits, however, that this exhibition will annoy his former clients presumably.

    Because Banksy is and remains a sharp critic of the commercialization of all kind – but this has not dissuaded Lazarides of his exhibition project. The Issue of Work, which has been purchased by a collector from the artist, without whose consent is legal. But it can lead to dispute.

    Banksy is still not believe

    Banksy has become an icon of the art world, mysterious, ironic and not. His stellar career also has to do with his identity is not clear up to nowadays. Supposedly he was born near Bristol, in 1973, his real Name is unknown. Around the year 2000, the first graffiti by Banksy appeared in London’s East End, with artistic stencils grob on the side of buildings, walls and plaster sprayed. “Technically perfect, almost photo-realistic Black-and-White images with makabrem joke”, the daily newspaper “The world” at the time, about the young artists.

    Meanwhile, Banksy is one of the internationally established artists. Mischievous is he making fun of continue to the popular Pop Art and the established art scene. And he leaves with his tagged art everywhere, strong political comments, and others on the Israeli barrier wall, in California, in Disneyland or in the city of big cities such as London, Mexico City and New York.

    Street Art vs. Commerce

    The shown in Berlin show offers a lot of material for discussion. The Street Art seems out of place in the clean white spaces of a commercial gallery somehow. Organizers of the Istanbul Entertainment Group, which has rented the rooms in the luxury hotel Adlon exclusively for this exhibition. Up to 30. October 2017 is the – according to the announcement of the tourism marketer Visit Berlin’s largest to date – to see the show of work by Banksy in the Adlon. The total value of the Work is set at £ 20 million, all loaned works from more than 40 collectors from all over the world.

    Globalization criticism as art: “Steve Jobs Migration”

    The irony is hard to deny that, within this exhibition, art is sold, whose main purpose it is to be a Public, freely accessible. Perhaps the exhibition itself, has to say about this contradiction: “Sale ends” (2006) is worshiped, a shield with the announcement of the final clearance sale “Sale Ends Today” by a Horde of Disciples with religious zeal. The image of the “Morons” (2006) shows, an auction in which a painting will be auctioned, with the inscription: “I Can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh**” (“I can’t believe you morons buy this Shit”).

    “Everything will be denounced by him with a sarcastic joke,” wrote the Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ/2009) on the artistic style of Banksy. Berlin, the artist has personally visited twice – and here, too, gesprayte Work left.