The Groper from the class: Sexual violence among young people


Porn on the Playground, Nude photos on the Internet and attempted rape: one in two young people in the state of Hesse has already suffered sexual violence in school and leisure time – mostly exerted by their peers.

“I hope that it comes to light and he stopped. I would like to have someone to protect me,” writes a girl who was obviously harassed. Lines, the vulnerability of the show, the need for protection and guidance. What happened to the young girl, and whether the perpetrators could be stopped, don’t know Sabine Maschke of the University of Marburg. She has created leading the study under the title “Speak!”, in the it comes to sexual violence in the lives of young people in the Federal state of Hesse.

Maschke and her colleagues have interrogated more than 2700 pupils in the age between 14 and 16 years of age, whether you have experience with sexual violence – as victims or as perpetrators. The Team has defined the concept of Violence be aware of. The scientists include sexual insults and Gestures, sexual harassment in social networks, forced porn having graphical drawings or movies to watch, right up to Penetration.

The result is for the study Director Maschke frightening. “The most amazed us that sexual violence is part of everyday life of young people and especially of peers goes out.” One reason is the sexualisation and pornographic idealization of everyday life, Maschke. Sexualised violence among young people show themselves for years. With the study you want to analyze the issue systematically.

Major Risk Factor: Being A Girl

Result: Every second young people in the surveyed age class has already experienced physical sexual violence. Especially girls are affected: one in Every three Respondents was kissed against her will, more than five percent of the girls were forced to do Nude photos or movies, as well as the Butt and chest, a few groped between the legs, or had to defend themselves against sexual acts. In the case of the respondents boys each gave fourth to be ever the victim of a sexual attack. But five percent of the boys complain that they were against their will, “messed around with”.

“This is something with which you must live. Through the everyday life”, say students. “Whether in school or in the nursery in places where young people protection and orientation are looking for, you will be increasingly confronted with sexual acts, says Maschke. “The girls feel helpless, suffer, and want it comes to language”.

Porn deal in the Internet: 80% of boys and 60 percent of girls regularly watch Sex movies

To talk about the issue of sexual violence Maschke suggests, on the basis of the great interest of pupils in their questionnaire. The Participants have completed one and a half hours of the 40 pages and the questions answered in detail.

“The school will teach the girls not to be raped, to rape, instead of the young to teach,” writes a girl. For Maschke, this is a Wake-up call: “We need something that reaches all. The girls and the aggressors.”

Understood feel

For this, the Hessian Ministry of culture was the study of the “Speak!” is in order. With her in the future should be preventive measures and educational content created to raise the awareness of young people to the topic of sexual violence and help to develop offerings. For Maschke and her Team have queried the perspective of the observer and the perpetrator. And one Maschke is amazed: “Even those who have exercised sexual violence, saying that they need help and guidance on finding your own identity.”

Young would in time learn to recognize boundaries and to distinguish “fun” of violence, says sexologist Heinz-Jürgen Voß of the University of applied Sciences Merseburg. “Your own boundaries and the boundaries of others, you will learn part of this is the only way to know that you will exceed this in certain areas. But we are always in need of a suitable social environment, it makes you aware of it.” Even if your circle of friends sexually übergriffiges behavior as masculinity confirmation of course, would have to the growing to learn that this was a No-Go, so Voß.

Appeal to parents and teachers

Where do the dominant Men and the idea of a submissive, receptive woman? One possible reason: The study from Hesse showed that 80 per cent of boys watch porn on the Internet, for the girls, 60 percent. Every second Boy was to consume several times per week or daily Sex movies. But that ban, as sexual scientists, Voss finds to pronounce incorrectly. Rather should be discussed with young people, what kind of role the images you consume with such films.

Maschke makes up for that lack of discussions about sexuality and gender roles, with the adults responsible. “We live in a sexualised world, conduct ourselves in a right to its security, but to talk openly about these things, the need to also learn to adults.” So, the teachers and the parents.