Muente wins the German jumping Derby


The Slovenian remains free on the course in Hamburg twice in error, and refers to two German riders on the further places. In the dressage Derby victory goes to the British.

“I had a great horse – and God is on my side,” said the Derby winner Patricio “Pato” Muente about the biggest success of his career in an Interview with the ZDF. Born in Argentina, of starts since 2011 for Slovenia, had previously, on his Mare, Zera in the play-off with a zero round against the Germans, Gilbert Tillmann on Claus-Dieter and Nisse Lüneburg on Cordillo. In the demanding and, above all, because of its steep ramparts infamous course in Hamburg Klein-Flottbek, only these three riders in the first round of error had remained free. In the jump-off of Lüneburg and Tillmann made then in each case a discharge.

Faurie celebrates dressage victory

In the dressage, a Briton secured with Emile Faurie for the first time in 50 years of the victory in the German dressage Derby. In the case of the 59. Pad was clear the 53-Year-old in the finals with horse change after three rides with a total of 224,44 percentage points against the German Bianca kasselmann (213,73 percentage points) and the Russian Tatyana Kosterina (207,94). In 1967, Johanna had triumphed Hall as the last Briton at the Derby in the Hanseatic city. At that time there were separate ratings for ladies and gentlemen. In the final of the best Three, every rider had to compete with the horses of the competitors. Since the previous Team-champion of Europe Faurie spared his gelding Lollipop, put to him by Bianca kasselmann and her Mare Escada. Best horse Kassel’s stallion Delatio before Kosterinas Mare Diavolessa and Escada.

asz/og (sid, dpa)