Kim Dotcom and music service Baboom sever their ties


The streaming-music service Baboom has let you know all ties with founder Kim Dotcom to have broken. Dotcom let in a statement that his difficult relationship with the music industry in the further development of Baboom would stand in the way.

Millionaire Kim Dotcom had a share of 45 percent in Baboom, but he has all the shares in the start-up sold. According to Baboom-director Grant Edmundson, each company at a given moment, a point in which a ‘new direction’ must be smashed and changes in staff are needed. Baboom has that point according to Edmunson reached, writes The Guardian. Dotcom would focus now on other projects want to focus.

Dotcom was previously a founder of the cyberlockerdiensten Megaupload and Mega. In a tweet, let him know his stake in Baboom, especially to have to sell it because the music industry, which has been years in the clinch, to him, would ‘hate’. This would he the further development of the streaming-music service in the way.

Baboom opened at the beginning of this year its doors with a single album: Good Times by Kim Dotcom himself. The streaming-music service attempts since then, artists and record labels to tie to on the website, a profile page will open and from there to stream music or to download. By the ties with Dotcom by cutting hopes Baboom his negotiating position with the music industry to improve, all the company would in the first instance, focus mostly on indie labels. According to the current plans should the streaming-music service at the end of this year or first quarter of next year be fully operational. Or the earlier suggestions of plans for an ipo continue, is unclear.