Apple pulls HealthKit apps back from the App Store due to bug


Apple has all HealthKit apps from the App Store removed. By a bug is the electronics company to say that not able to the applications available. The problem would be at the end of this month should have been fixed.

Apple has Wednesday version 8 of the operating system iOS for iphone and iPadreleased. One of the changes is the new Health app, which, later in combination with the Apple Watch, health and fitnessgegevens need to track. There are already several apps designed that are able to share information, creating a more complete overview of the health data can be made. But the apps of third parties by the bug, however, not yet be used.

About the circumstances of the bug is published anything. It is a significant part of the new Health feature directly in the water. Various apps are according to The Next Web from the App Store removed. The electronics company has in a statement to let you know that it is working on a software update, making the HealthKit apps as quickly as possible, still be available for iOS 8. The bugfix however, to wait for, because the update is only at the end of this month.

iOS 8 is compatible for iPhones from the 4s model, iPads from the second generation and the iPod touch from the fifth generation. Older devices are not eligible for Apple’s latest system update, and therefore also not for the HealthKit-enabled applications.