Samsung shows ‘Galaxy S5 Prime’ in the Netherlands


Samsung has for the first time, the not-yet-announced Galaxy S5 Prime shown in the Netherlands. The manufacturer does not want himself to say whether the unit is on short-term convenience, but employees of provider KPN hintten on a quick release of such a device.

Samsung showed the device in the air known as Galaxy S5 Prime at an event of KPN that dominated by lte-advanced. Because there is no current devices support for ‘4g+’, showed KPN prototypes of the device.

It should under no circumstances are photos or screenshots to be made. Samsung also wanted to not go into details of the device, such as the name or other features. In the software was no reference to the name that the phone will eventually get.

It said KPN that the first devices with lte-advanced ‘very close’ and ‘very fast on the market’. That is also obvious: KPN starts on July 1 with lte-advanced and should quickly appliances in the store to lie that the faster 4g support.

This alleged S5 Prime is a variant of the Galaxy S5, which the manufacturer has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 has swapped for a Snapdragon 805, the first soc with support for 4g+. The 805 also has a faster gpu compared to the 801: the Adreno 420. In contrast to many rumors, it was reported, the S5 Prime no screen with 2560×1440 pixels, but when it comes to a full-hd screen, with seemingly the same size as the regular S5.

The S5 Prime has the same design as the S5 with the same distinctive back with pitting. On the eye he is indistinguishable from the regular S5. The model number is G901f, which is in line with the type that the well-known telecominsider Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, in connection together with the name S5 Prime.