Jolla presents Sailfish phone on may 20


Jolla, the Finnish developer of open-source operating system Sailfish, will on may 20, a smartphone with the same OS present. The first orders will soon after the introduction on a ‘Kickstarter-like’ way can be placed.

The first devices with Sailfish, developer Jolla itself builds will be at the end of the summer available for people who have an early order placed, writes Jolla_Tides. The first customers will receive the smartphone in a unique limited edition. What that means has Jolla is not known. The only thing that Jolla has released is that the design of the smartphone ‘Scandinavian’. Tweakers has Sailfish earlier this year on telecomevenement MWC all can just try. When turned the os on a Nokia N950.

At the end of 2013, the Sailfish-a telephone available to the general public. It is unclear whether the smartphone is already available in the Netherlands; Jolla brings the phone first, just in China and home country of Finland. The netherlands comes after the two countries at the turn. Jolla is already with telecom in negotiations for the release of a Sailfish device in the Netherlands. That device, that around 300 or 400 euros for the costs, is scheduled for the second half of 2013.