Dutchman arrested for ddos attacks Spamhaus


A 35-year-old Dutchman is Thursday in Spain were arrested on suspicion of performing ddos attacks on Spamhaus, that black lists of spammers to track. Most likely going to be Sven Olaf K, the owner of a provider that is on the black list.

The Spanish police, the 35-year-old man arrested at the request of the Dutch authorities. Before that was a European arrest warrant issued, reports the Public Ministry. Also is the hardware of the Dutchman seized, such as computers and phones.

It wants TO only release the arrested man, the initials ‘S. K.’, but both age and the initials of the man correspond to that of Sven, Olaf K, which is earlier according to The New York Times admitted behind the attacks. After it announced an investigation to have begun, denied K. however, his involvement.

According to the Public Ministry made K. use of spoofed ip addresses in the execution of the attack. Unknown is whether there are more suspects. The ORDER states that the attack is ‘unprecedented heavy’ was. Earlier it was already known that the attack is an size of 300 gigabits per second. It was a dns amplification attack, in which unwitting dns servers that are deployed to the capacity of the attackers to increase. It was not only Spamhaus itself attacked, but also the provider Cloudflare, which Spamhaus helped to his servers again in the air to get.

The attack would be launched after the provider Cyberbunker of K. on the black list from Spamhaus was placed. Because many e-mail providers, the lists of Spamhaus one-on-one to take over, ended up e-mail from the servers of Cyberbunker directly in the spambox of subscribers. According to the ORDER, there are no indications that K. is involved in other recent ddos attacks.