Google weert apps that block ads from Play


Developers of advertentiewerende apps for Android Google receive the message that their app has been removed from the Play store. The apps are according to Google, not to the distribution agreement for developers.

Article 4.4 in the distribution agreement for developers reads: “You agree not to activities it will perform the service of the Android Market could interrupt or disrupt, […] including, but not limited to, users of Android, Google or any mobile network service provider.” Many developers of free apps in the Play store to pick up their income from the ads in the apps to be shown. Also, Google gets the largest share of the revenue from ads.

The developer of the app ezpdf reader writes on his Google Code page that he is the e-mail also has received and that are app so no more will return in Play. The developer encourages users to be the alternative appstore, F-Droid download, with the app still available. F-Droid is a repository of free open-source apps for Android. Google allows the use of alternative appstores, but offers no official support for those apps. In addition to easy voice recorder pro are also AdBlock Plus and rom manager premium Android removed.