Western Digital shows external drives with Thunderbolt interface


Western Digital has during a trade show for Apple products are the latest external hard drive, a MyBook Thunderbolt Duo, announced. The drive is a Thunderbolt interface, and has two hard drives on board.

The MyBook Thunderbolt Duo is available in two versions, a version with a 4TB and a 6TB of storage space. As the new Mybooks are made with two 3.5″hard disks on board, the individual disks have a capacity of 2 and 3TB. The Thunderbolt interface replaces the Firewire and other connections of the current Mybook drives.

The external drives can be individually with a Mac can be connected through the Thunderbolt cable, but a pc is not supported. An update to the drives are also suitable for use in combination with pc’s, however, would be in development. The Mybook Thunderbolt Duo drives can also be linked to the throughput rates to increase.

Individually the drives, according to Western Digital speeds between 250 to 280MB/s for read and write, but four daisychained 6TB instances got during a demonstration at the fair 450MB/s for write and 760MB/s for read. Western Digital has made no pricing or launch date are known.