Opera 12 gets extensive gpu acceleration


    Opera 12, Thursday an alpha version is released, will a high degree, the advantage of hardware acceleration for both 2d and 3d content. In addition, Opera new versions of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini released.

    The new Opera, version 12, Thursday in alpha-formation, but the Norwegian browserbouwer during the Up North Web press conference already. Opera 12 will not only the gpu to turn on for text rendering, css animations, and 2d graphics using the Canvas-standard, WebGL for the generation of 3d-graphics, allows the gpu to use.

    Other than Internet Explorer 9, Opera 12 also hardware acceleration offering in Windows XP. Furthermore, Opera 12 improved html5 support and a new javascript engine, writes Cnet. Although browserfabrikanten increasingly WebGL support, Microsoft has the webstandaard not yet embraced. Nevertheless, said an employee of Angry Birds developer Rovio Mobile is the expectation that Microsoft in term of thought will change and WebGL will be supported.

    Opera has also its two mobile browsers updated, initially for Android smartphones. Opera Mini 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5 have as main innovation that the proxy server of Opera are able to transmit how much data they have to the client have been sent. This would be a user verstookte traffic better in the holes.