The trend in the Sport


The Olympic Games

The trend in the Sport

Russia and Kenya hits an Olympic spell. Even IOC President Thomas Bach, the manipulations in the two countries were so extreme, that he encouraged the collective to the exclusion. It holes remain, but slip.

The sun reflected in the lake Geneva. A marmot scampered across the lawn in front of the Olympic Museum on the shores. There camera teams had built and reported on the decision of the IOC, Russian and Kenyan athletes to withdraw due to a violation of the rules of the national anti-doping systems, the start right for Rio. Russian commentators criticized the decision as political punishment against Russia, which was preparing to the economic sanctions will follow, and the way for a removal of the football world Cup in 2018. Commentators of Western European stations stressed, however, the consequence of the IOC, the example of the world athletics Association IAAF, it is also recommended the other 27 Olympic sports associations, Russian and Kenyan athletes for the games. Kenyan television was not to be seen. The African sporting nation had only about the foreign services of the attending broadcasters access to this for the own country the major decision-making.

The end of the presumption of innocence

Important this decision actually is. For the first time, athletes suspected of two countries, a flat rate of doping. This is for good reason. In the case of the runner nation Kenya for several years, no Blood control were carried out in the country. A free ticket for a Doper. In Russia, there were controls. But were manipulated as the former head of the Moscow laboratories, Grigori Rodshenkov, admitted. Russian athletes deprived of, also, systematically the Tests that were made since November by the UK anti doping Agency, WADA. “You are trained in so-called closed cities, to be refused where the Russian secret service, the FSB, our inspectors access. The sports federations to inform often the doping agencies only 24 hours before the start of the competition over time and place. Because many competitions are held in remote areas, there is therefore hardly any possibility of control. And often trainers and coaches react very hostile to the checkers,” described the designated WADA Secretary General Olivier Niggli, the problem.

Urine samples: time reversed, time not given

It wasn’t so bad, IOC President Thomas Bach had no other option than to say: “Because the anti-doping system in Russia and Kenya is compliant and because it is accusations against Russia were heavy Doping, the presumption of innocence for athletes of these countries very seriously in question.” Now the athletes have to prove that you are clean.

This represents a paradigm shift. So far, only the was doped, was also caught. Now, a collective suspicion causes the Olympic spell. This is not a multi-year lock, but it is the exclusion from the most important sporting event in the world. This decision is a consequence of the failure of the anti-doping system. Who is smart enough, the ingestion of substances of well-dosed, in “high-load”phase to the best of his stay disguised, and possibly even about the tipster on the date of the controls had had to fear the exposure.

Maneuver room for the Russians and the Kenyans

If the lump is suspected, a flat-rate lock is, but is not sure. For Thomas Bach, the Supreme Olympian, left open a back door. Athletes, showing that they were outside of the corrupt testing system of their countries and themselves clean, may apply to participate in Rio.

The editorial recommends

Russian and Kenyan athletes can start on a detour, but at the Olympic Games in Rio. The IOC creates a loophole that could easily be exploit, commented Joscha Weber. (21.06.2016)

Not to the exclusion of the entire team, not burdened by the Doping will easily be allowed to compete athletes: The IOC’s decision about Russian participation in the Games in Rio sparked in Russia, relief. (21.06.2016)

Russia and Kenya are allowed to easily athletes not participate in international competition, not even in the Olympic Games. But there should be exceptions for those who are demonstrably clean. (21.06.2016)

Now it is official: The Russian athletics Federation remains internationally locked. This has been announced by the world Association IAAF. Thus, the athletes are not allowed to participate in the Olympic Games. (17.06.2016)

Doping, Doping and no end. At the 2012 Olympic games in London later 23 athletes have been tested positive. Names are not yet known. (27.05.2016)

IOC President Thomas Bach holds a exclusion of Russia from the Olympic Games in Rio conceivable. Influential, what follows is the investigation of the world Anti-Doping Agency. (18.05.2016)

It is kindled: The Olympic fire is burning and is now on tour. For Olympic hosts Brazil will begin with the traditional torch relay, also a mood-a test run for the summer games in Rio de Janeiro. (21.04.2016)

With a new Doping task force, the International Olympic Committee promises to clean games in Rio. Eyewash, says DW sports editor Joscha Weber. (23.03.2016)

What is required to prove these athletes exactly was Bach open. “The international federations are responsible,” he said. Formally, this is correct. But it also represents a skillful evasive movement. The previous fencers put on feints and upper body movement so rich dance on the political stage that his former fencers school could turn in Tauberbischofsheim smooth a teaching film out of it. Because verbally condemned Bach, while the Russians and the Kenyans. The exclusion itself, and also the modalities of re-admission, he transferred but other. For its sports political friend Vladimir Putin, he is not the Evil, fucked up the Russians in the Olympics. This role he leaves to men such as Sebastian Coe, the President of the athletics Association. And should then receive however, many of the athletes in the Olympic clean bill of health, the outrage about it on Coe & co.

The need to define what kind of controls for the resumption to be sufficient. Modern Doper not start with a, two Tests fail at this stage anyway, hardly surprising. You need a longer series to create hormone and blood images. Now checks are carried out to give no information about whether the current level of performance was not build but due to heavy Doping in the Winter and spring of the person responsible. Because every single professional Association is responsible for the decision, is also a mixed decision-making practice. More leadership from the IOC would have been good. Because the quality of the individual controls is crucial in determining whether such a new System has a future or only as a Lex Russia in the history of the sport. As exciting as it is at least now the Olympic qualification has never been.