North Korea provoked with new missile tests


North Korea

North Korea provoked with new missile tests

North Korea has once again ignored a UN ban and missiles for testing purposes, shot down. Pyongyang is achieved according to the South Korean findings of slight progress compared to previous attempts.

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North Korea provokes again with missile tests







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North Korea provokes again with missile tests

According to information from Seoul, lit North Korea early Wednesday morning, two missiles of the type Musudan. The first missile launched from the North Korean East coast, and crashed after approximately 150 kilometers, the flight into the sea. The South Korean Ministry of defense considered this Test as a failure.

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The UN has tightened the sanctions screw on North Korea, even China is behind it. How effective but the punitive measures? The Regime seems to be unimpressed. (17.06.2016)

Beijing has imposed new trade sanctions against North Korea, according to the most recent UN Resolution in March. With the sanctions the international community reacted to North Korea’s nuclear and missile program. (15.06.2016)

North Korea and the International community of States, lie in the duration of the clinch. Reason, the nuclear program of the country. Now there are new indications that the North Koreans want to enrich weapons grade Plutonium. (06.06.2016)

A second rocket was then flown but about 400 kilometres. South Korea refused, initially, to assess whether this was a successful or failed attempt. Together with the United States, further information would need to be evaluated, said the defense Ministry in Seoul.

Goals: South Korea, Japan or Guam

A successful Test of the new Musudan missile would be for the Communist Regime, a military progress. This year, North Korea had already failed four Times with the Test of such a missile. The missile had exploded, either at the Start or shortly thereafter. The missile has a range between 2500 and 4000 kilometers. So you could hit targets in South Korea or Japan, but also the U.S. military base on Guam in the Western Pacific.

The U.S. state Department in Washington, analyzed the recent missile test as a “provocative action”. The United States would use the United Nations to draw North Korea accountable, a Ministry spokesman. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said that such missile tests “can not be tolerated”. His defense Minister Gen Nakatani told Reuters news Agency: “The threat to Japan has become bigger and bigger.”

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un has followed his rearmament program despite international protests

UN resolutions and sanctions

With the new missile tests, North Korea was in breach of conditions imposed by the United Nations. A UN Resolution bans the leadership in Pyongyang such Attempts. Nevertheless, North Korea fired in the past two months, multiple missiles, all the Tests are considered to be failed.

In addition to medium-range missiles, North Korea developed nuclear weapons. On the 06. In January, North Korea had held its fourth nuclear weapons test since 2006, a month later, the launch of a followed a long-range rocket. The UN security Council imposed his previously harshest sanctions against the Communist country.

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