Merkel: Migration out of Africa is the Central Problem



Merkel: Migration out of Africa is the Central Problem

Africa is a question, in the words of Chancellor Merkel, the biggest challenge for the European Union in the refugee. The Migration from Iraq and from Syria was, however, in the foreseeable future is solvable.

“The Central Problem is the Migration from Africa with 1.2 billion people,” said the CDU Chief on the day of your party in Berlin. This is not only because the North African country of Libya currently, refugees coming across the Mediterranean sea. In Africa, there is a significant population growth and at the same time, in many Parts no adequate economic development. “We need to deal with Africa”, she demanded.

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Never before have so many people around the world were on the run as of 2015. The new report shows UN high Commissioner for refugees, UNHCR. Here are the top 10 facts on the subject. (21.06.2016)

While Europe is looking to the middle East and the Mediterranean sea, the Situation of refugees in Africa are increasingly of the view. Current Figures show that it has also aggravated the situation. (20.06.2016)

The EU plans to combat agreements with African governments to escape causes. These partnerships are controversial. Actually, it needs also other initiatives – as the result of a meeting in Berlin. (16.06.2016)

Otherwise, the future Migration of people cannot get a grip. Because the digitization of concern at the same time that the people in Africa were to be informed about Smartphones very well about the huge differences in Prosperity.

Geographically complicated

The United States had such problems due to its geographic location with two oceans to the East and the West, as well as Canada as a Northern neighbor does not. “We, as Europeans, have a geographically complicated situation,” said Angela Merkel with regard to Africa and the Middle East.

Fact: in Africa Alone, the end of have been 2015 some 16 million refugees counted, that is 1.5 million more than in 2014. Two-thirds of them are internal refugees, i.e. persons Displaced in their own country. A further 5.2 million people had to leave their home countries. Of them, the vast majority in the immediate neighbourhood seeking refuge in the new report of the refugee work of the United Nations (UNHCR).

“Your day for Africa”

On Tuesday around 180,000 pupils had worked in Germany for the benefit of their peers in Africa. In the campaign “Your day for Africa” would have involved a nationwide 562 schools, announced the patron of the project, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister President Malu Dreyer (SPD), in Mainz, Germany. A total of came together through odd jobs and school actions to 1.3 million euros. The money will benefit education projects in Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Ghana.

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