Brexit: “Slogans are not a Plan”



Brexit: “Slogans are not a Plan”

It was the last public TV debate before the Referendum: once the advocates were allowed to take a real “go Out” and “stay” to each other. Enlightening it was not. Barbara Wesel watched.

The Moderator

The BBC provides its veteran presenter David Dimbledy especially in the case of Royal weddings, the throne anniversaries and state funerals in front of the camera. That is probably why he was allowed to moderate a discussion, which could perhaps culminate in the burial of the European idea. But Dimbledy is so calm that he could accompany the end of the world on the screen. Nevertheless, the sparks flew in this Brexit debate. “I hope that we have clarified a few questions,” said Dimbledy at the end. Here lies, half-truths, Slogans and pure Propaganda had made the “fog of war” really just a poet.

Boris is a Brexit

A few days ago, there was speculation in a British newspaper, whether Boris Johnson colors actually his hair. In addition to striking blonde and white but he is the best seller of the Brexit Embassy. Boris can talk enthusiastically about the great future of the British outside the EU that you think, he would himself believe in it. He wants to topple arguably only David Cameron and even the Prime Minister.

Opponents of the EU: Boris Johnson, Gisela Stuart, Andrea Leadsom

“Talk, our country is not small”, he evokes the supporters of the EU membership, when the warn of the economic consequences. The future of the UK alone and free would be great. Before the inner eye and green appear to be meadows, and the light heights. The voters should not be of the fear campaign by the government crazy. The British economy will have Huge successes in China and India, if you are the shackles of Europe is going on finally. And this Thursday, “the independence day of our country”. The Broadcast missed here, unfortunately, the playing of the national anthem.

The Against Player

Sadiq Khan is the new mayor of London and a political Talent. “If you measure only 1.65, is it talking difficult over size”, but size plays a role in the EU as a trading block, for example. Self-irony, to be running at the Brits is always good. Khan is quick-witted, handled with simple, emotional messages and brings his arguments to the point:”Who’s making the people afraid? Those who claim that Turkey would soon join the EU!”, what was a lie. And the Labour politicians in the attack: “How can you claim that the trade after EU exit easier than before? The Brexit is a leap into the Dark!”

Pro-EU: Ruth Davidson, Sadiq Khan

In addition to the mayor of London of the new Star of the Scottish Conservative fights. Ruth Davidson is so hand-tight, they’d been in a bar fight on his side. With Verve, you skin the Brexit supporters their arguments to the ears: All the Economists warned that an exit would be in the UK a recession. But in contrast to this, Boris & Co would only offer spells to:”Slogans are not a Plan”.

The EU is also to blame

Tory Minister Andrea Leadsom and Labour MP Gisela Stuart come together as the Erinyes, the summon of Europe, death and destruction. Whether you are rantings with your hatred actually North Korea? The EU is so incompetent that they could not procure even a “Curry to go”. They survived their historic mission, and the United Kingdom not to chain more of these “corrupt body.” 10,000 of overpaid bureaucrats ruined the lives of the citizens. And so on.

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Nightmare Brexit – the Exit of the British in the EU?

And especially: The EU forces the British, unrestricted immigration. The immigrants are to blame for everything. Because of low wages, crowded schools and failing hospitals. This is not about the conservative government, the cuts keep for years billion from the public house. In addition, vulnerable migrants from Europe, the security of the country and of the children of Andrea Leadsom. The details remain here is unclear.

The gloomy Gossip and the flaming indignation, a Horror called the European Union inspire, but the audience. Midway through the debate, the Brexit supporters have already demanded 17 Times, the Kingdom would finally win the “back in control”. At some point, you stop counting. And just think: in a controlled time.