2000 cops to secure protests in Paris



2000 cops to secure protests in Paris

Now, however, allowed the Paris parade of the French trade unions, against the labour market reforms was 1.5 km back to the end. In the run-up, there were about 100 arrests.

The left trade unions of languages of 60,000 participants, the police of 20,000, Despite the massively shortened Route of the demonstration train, the CGT and Force Ouvrière in Paris were able to present themselves with an impressive rally against the labour market reforms of the socialist government. Until the evening, it remained peaceful, but the authorities had prevented with drastic security measures.

More than 2000 police officers had been mobilized. You should secure the parade that had been forbidden from fear of new riots originally. Up to 100 people were arrested, according to police, most of the objects, the “suitable for use as a projectile”.

Except in Paris, thousands of people were also in Marseille, Toulouse and Le Havre on the streets. In Rennes, masked protesters destroyed a number of shop Windows.

The Union leader at the forefront of the protests in Paris

President Francois Hollande reiterated that the labour market reform will. The law brought “the finish line”, said Hollande in front of the press. It was necessary, so that companies could hire more people, so it’ll give it more permanent contracts, and training. Hollande wants to relax in the fight against high unemployment, among other things, the 35-hour week, softening and protection from dismissal. The trade unions criticise the Reform as employer-friendly, and worse to fear conditions and social standards.

Terror, danger, football-EM and trade Union protests

The protests against the labour market reform had been overshadowed in the last weeks of riots. Masked activists, who fought in violent clashes with the police. Due to safety concerns and because the police due to a terror threat, and the European football championship to their limits – was adopted by the Paris police Prefecture on Wednesday first, a prohibition of the trade Union rally in the capital.

After a storm of indignation and criticism in its own ranks, the socialist government performed a u-turn in just a few hours later: The demonstration route led from the Bastille square, but only once to the channel, the Bassin de l’arsenal basin to the Seine and back…

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