Sitecom Wi-Fi Gigabit Router N300 WLR-4004 – blanka


Plug and play might be good basisrouter, but settings tweaking is frustrating impossible job. If you want something else than the default, turn it on.


  • Very nice cardboard box
  • Nice small adapter class V


  • Unusable web interface
  • Slow boot
  • Annoying long default password

Final conclusion

Score: 2Per criterion


Score: 1


Score: 3


Score: 2


Score: 3


Score: 3

You can use this router out of box and you do nothing to, that you have an excellent base router in the 2.4 Ghz range with a gigabit switch.

But I wanted some change and then begins the misery. With all the changes, the device must reboot. SSID customize, reboot. Change password, reboot, IP number adjust: reboot. Etc. Etc. Normally you can do all those things in completed. n set once, and then 1x reboot. Here you can not between tabs switch in the webmenu, then your settings will be lost. At any time to confirm a setting, it is therefore reboot. And that reboot takes too long, about 15-20 seconds.
My old Sweex 10-year old do this faster!

Result: you do something in the wrong order then you can nothing is more and rest a factory reset. Then you are a half day and you will have 20x the very long and complicated fabriekswachtwoord typed.

Even more difficult is the install i.c.m. Windows 8, because the very difficult Wi-fi networks are forgotten. So you have an old login that is currently invisible, you can not remove.

Install so preferably a Windows 7 or lower PC, or on a Mac, and preferably wired because you have the Wi-fi with the numerous reboots still lost.

After all try I did not work this router as a bridge to act in huisnetwerk. As soon as you m an IP-number in the range of the hoofdrouter and dhcp server turned off is the ie a kind of brick.

He was free to glasvezelpakket and will now return to the glasvezelleverancier. I’m going to but a TP-link DD-WRT compatible 5Ghz model to buy. Very unfortunate that I the brown inner box can not keep. That is really beautiful! Rarely such a beautiful cardboard box that is seen.