UN Syria envoy wants to Hilfskonvois enforce


Syria War

UN Syria envoy wants to Hilfskonvois enforce

The UN special envoy de Mistura has of Syria unhindered access to the needy population in the besieged cities is required. After the air raids on clinics in Russia is in the criticism.

The UN special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura (in the article), in Damascus, in talks with foreign Minister Walid al-Muallim a fast Yes for the delivery of relief supplies required, such as the UN spokesman Ahmad Fawzi in Geneva announced.

According to the United Nations has the Regime of Bashar al-Assad is not yet on the demand of the international Syria-Unterstützergruppe after a unhindered access for humanitarian aid workers to an estimated 15 enclosed places reacts. In the areas of hair, approximately 400,000 men, women and children, many of them are charities according already starved to death. The government in Damascus was committed, Hilfskonvois freely to let go of, emphasized by de Mistura.

Attacks on schools and hospitals

The United States, Russia, and the involved regional powers had in the past week in Munich, next to the humanitarian assistance, also on a ceasefire for Syria agreed to, which is actually this Friday is to begin. The attacks on at least five hospitals and two schools in the Northern provinces of Aleppo and Idlib on Monday, the Syria conflict, however, became tense again. At the Luftschlägen were, according to UN figures, almost 50 people have been killed.

The spokesperson for the UN high Commissioner for human rights, Rupert Colville, stated that there was clear evidence that clinics do not accidentally attacked. Alone the extent of the attacks show that it is a tactic of war in question. The Syrian Observatory for human rights assumes, that the Russian air force responsible for the attacks.

The destroyed MSF hospital in the Syrian province of Idlib

The Chairman of the aid organisation Doctors without borders (MSF) in France, Mego Terzia, told the newspaper “Le Monde”, the shelled zones in the province of Idlib would be controlled by the Opposition. “It would be illogical that a hospital bombing, the population has to supply. The four rockets are clearly the coalition has been shot down by the government of Damascus is led,” said Terzia. The hospital in the province of Idlib is MSF supports.

The editorial recommends

Two hospitals in the North of the Bürgerkriegslandes were the target of new air strikes. Killed more than 20 people. For the attacks to be Russian fighter jets held responsible. (15.02.2016)

The UN-Syrienbeauftragte Staffan de Mistura is optimistic that the Syria peace talks are to be revived. There is no Alternative to talks, he said in a DW Interview. (12.02.2016)

“If a breakthrough was, we will only be in a few days’ notice,” said foreign Minister Steinmeier. The Syria contact group penetrates at a Meeting in Munich on a quick cease-fire and humanitarian aid. (12.02.2016)

Russia: Not responsible

Russia pointed out, however, all of the accusations back. Such accusations are not acceptable, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow in Moscow. He referred to the statement of the Syrian Ambassador in Russia, Riad Haddad, the U.S. military for the attack on the MSF hospital responsible had made.

According to EU Council President, Donald Tusk, has Russia, with its air strikes in Syria, hopes for a speedy truce nullified. “The whole world hopes for peace, and is to discussions prepared,” said Tusk during a visit to Athens. The Russian bombing in Syria made but “little hope” for an end to the nearly five-year long civil war.

Appeal Steinmeier

German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on Russia and Turkey, again to comply with the peace agreement for Syria. “My clear expectation is that Moscow and Ankara in all their military and political Do at the Munich obligations Orient”, stressed Steinmeier.

Russia flies since the end of September to support the Syrian army air raids on jihadists and other rebels in Syria. The Turkish army bombards since the days of Kurdish militias in Northern Syria, in order to prevent that the controlled area to extend.

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