Government wants ict problems police face with 326 million euros


The government pulls in the coming years, 326 million euros to put an end to the ict problems to the police. The money is used for the development of rates. n national information and better software tools.

In June, the General Court of auditors a report that the floor aanveegde with the way the ict within the police apparatus was arranged. According to the court of auditors are the three most important necessities for enforcement, detection and capacity management in a fragmented input, the user-friendliness is hard to find and are important links between the systems.

All this has, according to the Court meant that the police has to deal with a complex ict organisation with legacy systems and poor supervision of the ministry. To end it, get the police one national information, the Ministry of Security and Justice announced Monday.

For even in the short-term relief will agents from next year, already have access to ‘computer programs that are user-friendly and reliable” and certain frequently used forms be simplified so that less data will need to be entered.

The renewal and replacement of ict with the police, both hardware and software, the coming years will be gradually implemented. From 2014, the so-called Basic Police that the current information systems for enforcement and detection will be replaced. In anticipation of that ultimate national system is the current so-called Basic Detection is replaced by a temporary solution, allowing police officers to be simpler and more files would need to be able to create and manage.

The ministry states that the suggested measures all the recommendations of the General Court of auditors are taken. The renewal of the ict systems of the police will be under the responsibility and supervision of the state cio Maarten Hillenaar happen. The underlying plan runs through to 2017.

In the current government’s term of office is there 201,9 million euro available to ict problems to the police to grasp, In the subsequent years is an amount of 124,1 million euro has been reserved. This latter amount needs to be recouped by the potential savings on the management of the new environment. It is striking that the amounts are substantially higher than previous investment: originally, it was 46 million euro budgeted for implementation of the ict systems, were the costs at that time to at least 70 million euros.

Here was the report from June, the first report in which the General Court of auditors critical of was about the ict systems of the police. In 2003, there was also criticism. When was the criticism that the way in which police forces exchanged information since 1985, was not changed.