Sony doubles brightness camera-lcd by adding a white sub-pixel


Sony has a 3″vga lcd announced that uses a rgbw pixelconfiguratie. By the white, extra subpixel, the maximum brightness is increased for outdoor use, while the lcd also has a stealth mode.

By the addition of the white subpixel is the total number of subpixels of the new vga lcd, Sony ‘WhiteMagic’, from 1.23 million subpixels. A regular 3″vga screen on the basis of the rgb pixels has approximately 920.000 subpixels. Normally, the addition of a white subpixel for a blurrier image, but Sony says to have this resolved with new algorithms for the processing of the image signal.

The lcd module with the part number ACX432AKM doubles due to its rgbw configuration, the maximum brightness for better visibility in conditions with a lot of ambient light, whereby the energy consumption is similar to an rgb lcd of the same size. The maximum brightness in this ‘Outdoors’mode is a dazzling 1000cd/m2, while the screen than a power consumption of 400mW.

There is also a low consumption mode available in which the energy consumption is 225mW, with a maximum brightness of 470cd/m2. This brightness is comparable with a current 3″-rgb-vga-display. The WhiteMagic lcd module has a specified contrast ratio of 1000:1, while 60 percent of the ntsc colour space is covered.

The increased brightness is especially important for compact cameras and compact system cameras because most have no built-in electronic viewfinder and the composition of the photo or video from the lcd needs to take place. Also, the WhiteMagic-lcd be used for smartphones.

It is not the first time that Sony rgbw pixels are used. As demonstrated in Sony previously been a flexible color e-paper with a kleurfilterloze subpixel was used for greater light reflection.