Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 probably not anymore’


Samsung will be Galaxy Tab 10.1 probably won’t be able to release in the EU. That says patentdeskundige Florian Mueller opposite This week several lawsuits from Apple against Samsung started.

Samsung will try to get the sales ban via a preliminary injunction to be removed, but the chance that it will succeed is low, says the German origin patentdeskundige Florian Mueller at “Because otherwise, had the right, anyway, the sales ban is not set.” According to Mueller’s statement that the Tab 10.1 is no longer in Europe is released: the lawsuit is likely to last a year or more. “In commercial terms, that year a lot.”

According to Mueller, by many media around the world patentzaken as an expert is increased, there is a big chance that Apple after this success also going to try to products like the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9 from the shops. Apple has the most chance of success for the Tab 8.9. “A preliminary injunction request can only if you don’t already know for a long time have of the product that you get a sales ban request. You can not be a sales ban on a product of a year old.”

Apple forced on Tuesday at the court in Düsseldorf a sales ban for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet with Android Honeycomb, which according to Apple is too similar to the iPad. The sales ban applies to all EU countries except the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, was Apple already has a separate lawsuit started, which in addition to the Tab 10.1 and also the Galaxy smartphones to be treated.

Wednesday is the first of two court days, in the case of Apple against Samsung in the court in The Hague, tweeted Webwereld reporter Andreas Udo de Haes. On this first day was mostly about software patents, such as the ‘bounce effect’ as a user scrolling to the end of a list. Also, Samsung does, according to Apple patent infringement on the swipe gesture to a tablet or smartphone screen lock to get rid of. Software patents are, in contrast to what many people think, also valid in Europe. They are, according to Mueller on a daily basis to be submitted and then defended in lawsuits. Thursday following the second hearing will be, especially when it comes about the similarities in design and packaging.

Subsequently, the parties still have time to submit, and the court mid-september ruling. Apple wants the judge to the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy products in the Netherlands prior to transfer. If that happens, will the Tab 10.1 anywhere in the EU to purchase. If the sales ban, the tablet probably in great numbers via the grey export to other countries are shipped.

Wednesday was also clear that Apple is not only Samsung but also Motorola has been sued in the district court in Düsseldorf. The indictment against Motorola about the Xoom tablet, which the iPad would seem, wrote Mueller in his blog.