Mad Catz is going to Rock Band 3 on the market


Mad Catz has signed a deal with developer Harmonix, which makes the Rock Band 3 re-entry to the market. The game appears at the end of this year again in the shops, bundled with instruments from Mad Catz.

According to Mad Catz the deal with Harmonix for this christmas season and afterwards. In that time, Mad Catz the ritmegame Rock Band 3 again on the market. Mad Catz is best known as the manufacturer of the instruments in the game, and the game will also come bundled with their own instruments re-issue. Players can choose from the Wireless Keyboard Controller, Wireless Fender Stratocaster Guitar Controller and Wireless Fender Mustang Pro-Guitar Controller. With that last guitar the game in Pro Mode to be played. The guitar has six strings and the same number of positions on the neck as a real electric guitar. How much the new versions of the game cost, is not known and it is also not clear whether the game in Europe.

Rock Band 3 arrived in October 2010 on the market. It was released by the gamesafdeling of MTV, while Electronic Arts the distribution of the game did. Despite good reviews was selling at, what for Viacom, parent of MTV, even was the reason for Harmonix to purchase. The developer was in december sold, which the parent company is completely pulled out from the games industry. Also publisher Activision that the Guitar Hero series is the biggest competitor of Rock Band put on the market, had suffered from disappointing sales. After Guitar Hero III to be a big hit, scored, collapsed the market such that the publisher decided in 2011 for the time being no new ritmegames on the market.