Hitachi introduces business mlc ssds


Hitachi has a range of solid state drives for enterprise and server applications released. The new Ultrastar-series does not, however, with slc memory, as usual, but with the cheaper mlc memory.

The Ultrastar SSD400M series of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is available in capacities of 200 and 400GB. Hitachi makes use of Intel’s mlc memory chips, which the company, according to a 25nm process produces. Hitachi GST used chips are not the typical mlc-chips, which Intel in its consumer solid-state drives used, but so-called emlc chips, either enterprise-grade multilevel cell memory. That should have a longer life span than normal mlc memory; on the 400GB drives would 7,3 (PB) of data can be written.

The solid state drives from Hitachi are equipped with a sas-600 interface and have maximum read speeds of up to 495MB/s; write with up to 385MB/s. The corresponding number of iops respectively 56.000 and 24.000. The drives would, given the use of mlc instead of the more expensive slc memory, as an affordable ssd option in servers can be used. The capability for home use, it is limited; in laptops fit the 15mm high drives and the desktop, there are probably cheaper drives. Hitachi has the prices, however, not yet published; the drives are only available from late september.