Dell announces Latitude XT3-convertible officially


Dell released its latest convertible – the Latitude XT3 – officially announced. The notebook/tablet hybrid is equipped with a swivel for 13.3″-multi-touch display. This screen can be used with the fingers as a stylus can be controlled.

Dell is the XT3 in different configurations to deliver. Users get the choice of a Core i3, i5, or i7 cpu paired with up to 8GB ddr3-werkegeheugen. The 13,3″screen has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and is available in a shiny or matte variant to be delivered. The screen supports multitouch and can be used with the fingers as a stylus to be operated.

For storage you can choose between a hard drive or an ssd, and optionally, the XT3 also be equipped with a 3g module. There are two types of batteries available: 6cells model with a capacity of 44Wh and a 9cells 76Wh-variant. Dell says the XT3, in certain configurations, 8 hours on a full battery, but does not specify to which configuration.

Dell focuses with the XT3 to say on the professionals who have very little behind a desk, such as those working in the health care and education. got a short time ago, the chances of the device further, and published a hands-on.