Protesters demand the end of emergency rule



Protesters demand the end of emergency rule

Since the terrorist attacks from 13. November in Paris France is the state of emergency. For many human rights activists, non-governmental organisations and trade unions, it lasts too long. They demand its repeal.

In many cities of France, thousands of citizens took to the streets, to the termination of the emergency to demand. At the largest rally took in Paris according to the police, 5000 people, according to organizers, in contrast, 20,000 people. Demonstrations were also made in the large cities such as Toulouse, Marseille and Lille. The radio station “France Info” reported that, nationwide, there was approximately 80 places demonstrations given.

To the rally in Paris had the human rights League and an Alliance of NGOs and several trade unions called. In the crowd, the Place de la République, the Palais Royal at the Louvre drew, were slogans such as “state of emergency – police state!” out loud.

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Resistance means also sometimes “to go”, tweeted: The French Minister of justice Taubira had on several occasions against plans extremely, convicted terrorists of their citizenship revoke. (27.01.2016)

The European police Agency Europol has prior to large-scale terrorist attacks by the “Islamic state” should be warned. The jihadists published a Propagandavideo, which apparently the assassins of Paris. (25.01.2016)

It should be another flick from the “PR Department” of the Terrormiliz. In the Video, are allegedly nine jihadists to see the bloodbath in mid-November in the French capital were involved. (25.01.2016)


The state of emergency shall initially be valid up to 26. February. He grants the authorities extensive powers, including the nocturnal house searches without a court order, Versammlungsverbote and house arrest for suspected dangerous persons. The government of President François Hollande wants the scheme to a further three months to renew it. After the measure initially broad support in politics and society had found, is now increasingly discussed, whether they continue to be justified.

The protesters criticized, among other things, a statement from Prime Minister Manuel Valls, according to which the French state “all means” against terrorism could use until the Dschihadistenmiliz “Islamic state” (IS) defeated. “Until the IS is defeated? Ten Years? Never?”, asked a demonstrator named Chris. “It must be a the end of the story.” The legal possibilities are, even without the imposition of a state of emergency “far from sufficient”.

Constitutional amendment planned

The demonstrations are also against the Plan of the government, a conviction for Terrorvergehen Affected the French citizenship to withdraw. The project is part of a package of measures to Change the Constitution. Also the regulations for the state of emergency should be included in the Constitution. On 9. February will be the Senate vote on the 16. February the national Assembly.

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France: of The Terror changed (10.01.2016)








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France: of The Terror changed (10.01.2016)

The Supreme administrative court of France had on Wednesday a complaint filed by the human rights League against the state of emergency, dismissed. The justification was that the “immediate danger” that this measure is justified, is still not banned. The terrorist threat in France, and the risk of assassination attempts would continue.

In the case of the attacks in the French capital had on the 13. November several assassins Parisian Bars and Restaurants, the concert hall Bataclan, as well as the football arena Stade de France, attacked. Alone in the Bataclan were 90 people were killed, there were a total of 130 fatalities. To the attacks known to the Terrormiliz IS.

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