Users complain about deleted Google Plus accounts


Some users of Google’s new social networking site Google+ are complaining that their accounts have been blocked, because their account does not meet the requirements. A part can also no longer log on to Gmail and other Google services.

A large number of Google+accounts over the past weekend blocked, reports ZDNet, although it remains unclear how many accounts exactly. A part of the accounts seems to be blocked because the account is not in line with the ‘namenbeleid – Google+users must use their own name, like for example Facebook; accounts for organizations and companies are currently still not allowed. Other accounts were blocked because they conflict with the ‘community guidelines’ would be, and in some cases is no reason specified.

Among others, an American engineer who is on the cover of Wired was, future forever! Fried, saw her account will be blocked, but this has now been restored. Kirrily Robert, who recently resigned from Google, was less fortunate: her profile is still blocked, and when she tried to get her account re-activate, said a Google employee not to be able to help. Robert used a pseudonym on Google+, what is the cause of the blockage may have been.

The implications of the blockade differ: some can just no longer posts on Google+, while others are completely unable to access Google services more. An American user said recently no longer have access to services such as Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs. A specific reason for closing his account was not given, only that there is a ‘violation was observed’. Previously had already complained underage Google+users that their account has been blocked. Google+ is only open to users aged 18 and over.