New variant of BlackBerry Bold shows up


There are videos surfaced of the BlackBerry Bold 9790, a variant on the Bold 9780. The new Bold seems to be smaller than the announced Bold 9900, but also has a touch screen. The Bold 9790 runs on BlackBerry OS 7.

The device, codenamed Bellagio, reports CrackBerry, which has three videos published with tutorials of the device. RIM often makes months to release video tutorials for new devices. Therein is the operation of the touch screen is shown, and the function of the buttons is explained.

There are few details known about the Bold 9790, but from the video’s various details are derived. So the device has a touchscreen and looks like the housing is slightly less wide than the Bold 9900. The 9790 runs on BlackBerry OS 7, the latest version of the OS. That version of the OS requires a Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, which runs at 1.2 GHz. The device would have 8GB of storage on board. Also the device has nfc, a technique which is used for mobile payments. In a video is a slot for the sim card shown, which indicates that it is a device with gsm connections. That makes a release possible in the Netherlands.

RIM has the device still not announced: it is the Bold 9900 was announced, a similar device that is on the market in september would have to come out. There are more BlackBerry’s with OS 7 in the pipeline: there is talk about a Torch 2 with a slide-out keyboard, a Torch Touch without a keyboard, and a new version of the Curve. RIM has been struggling information about new devices to keep it a secret. There are often up to a year for the release photos and videos of new devices on the internet to see.