Google takes gezichtsherkenningsbedrijf about


Google has a company taken over in face recognition has specialized. It is not known what Google is for the acquisition, the company has paid and what the purpose of the search giant, the company has taken over.

The company PittPatt, or Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition, reports on his website that the Google-acquired. The company, which was founded in 2004, was created at the Carnegie Mellon university and is specialized in recognition of faces in photos and video footage. It is unknown what Google has for the company has laid down.

It is also unclear what Google exactly with the acquisition wants to achieve. Might want to Google the technique of PittPatt use in Google+. The service provides users with the ability for others to tag them in photos, but friends are not automatically recognized. Facebook offers something similar: when uploading photos to recognize the social-networking site friends of the user, and the user prompted them to tag on the photo.

Or Google that also wants to, is unknown: a spokesperson from Google told The Wall Street Journal reported that face recognition only to Google products will be added if the privacy is well enough protected.

Google offers users the opportunity to search images specifically for faces to search. Also Googles photo application, Picasa, support for face recognition. Meanwhile, the search giant, however, to facial recognition in Google Goggles, which on the basis of images can be searched, for privacy considerations, do not want to turn.