French Minitel network is shut down


France T lwa l lwa com goes to the Minitel network, a video-text-based forerunner of the internet, finally exiting. On 30 June next year the power plug from the service, in the previous year by two million people was used.

According to France Télécom’s Minitel obsolete, reports The Wall Street Journal. For this reason, the network on June 30, 2012 off. The service was in France for a long time more popular than the internet, and in 2010 two million users. Actually it would be the service in september of this year, will be phased out, but France Télécom has that deadline so extended.

Minitel was in 1982 introduced and saw the number of users for a long time steadily increase. The growth of Minitel was sped up by allowing users to free terminals received; in return, they paid for the time they were online. Minitel users could, among other messages to send, their banking, forums to visit and train and plane tickets to buy. Also, there was a digital phone book. In 2002, there were nine million Minitel terminals in use, but then decreased the number of subscribers. Many French left Minitel for the internet. In recent years, the number of available services.

Minitel is based on video-text, in the rest of the world isn’t successful. The service provides roughly the same capabilities as the web, with as major difference that the network is not tcp/ip but x25 works. Moreover, it can Minitel only be used by calling a service number, which 3615 is most popular. Another big difference is that the spartan interface of Minitel, who had the most to Teletext.