China investigates fake Apple Stores


The local government of a Chinese province is going to study in the city of well-established electronic stores, after an American logger discovered that the shops themselves falsely as Apple Store to occur.

The American logger ‘BirdAbroad’ discovered that three more stores in the provincial city of Kunming itself, erroneously, as Apple Store profile. The local government has now decided to electronics stores in the city to check, reports Reuters. The authorities want to know whether companies have the right licenses to have a shop up and running may keep, or the stores trademark law to respect and how to their merchandise. That said a source within the government told Reuters.

According to logger BirdAbroad did the shops try their best to look like a genuine Apple Store about to come, then finish this what to wish for. So were at a store, the walls are not well painted, and had this store ‘Apple Store’ on its façade, while in an official Apple store, just the apple logo on the façade is adorned with. One of the shops highlighted even the name ‘Apple Stoer’.

Apple has told the Daily Mail confirmed that the three shops are no real Apple Stores: there are only the official shops in Shanghai and Beijing. The employees of the counterfeit shop, there were, according to BirdAbroad convinced that they are really for Apple working on it, but The Wall Street Journal spoke with an employee who knew that that was not the case. It is unclear whether the products in the store really by Apple are produced, or that these are counterfeit.