Android developers, multiple apk’s to app linking


Developers can now have multiple apk’s to an app, grant them in the Android Market, for example for special tablet – or smartphone-based version. Users download then automatically the apk to their device fits.

Developers can now apk’s for some hardware-configurations upload users as one application in the Android Market. The uploaded apks are the Android Market as one app treated, so made Google announced on the Android developer blog.

This includes, for example, to think of a special apk for tabletinterfaces. In the download controls the Android Market which apk is appropriate for the user’s device. The apk format is used for Android apps to distribute.

Until now it had developers to choose between creating one universal apk that code for all devices, or create multiple apks that as separate applications in the Android Market appeared. Although that now no longer need, developers are still advised to have one universal apk, unless the apk bigger than 50MB. Developers can not have different price ask for a particular version: all apk’s use the same price, name and description.