Visual Studio Lightswitch will be available later this month


Microsoft releases Visual Studio Lightswitch on 26 July. With Lightswitch can be simple, business applications can be built both locally and on Windows Azure can run. Earlier, two b lwa ta’s.

From 26 July can Lightswitch be download, Microsoft has announced. Lightswitch is not meant for professional developers, but for business users that quickly a application to run with which data can be processed. Even the visual design of applications by Lightswitch dealt with; there are standard templates for certain tasks, such as displaying a list of employees.

Applications to be compiled into a Silverlight app, both as a stand-alone can be used as via a web app. The app can on Microsoft Azure-cloudcomputingdienst be set to remote to be offered. Data can be stored in SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Azure or SharePoint Server 2010.

Initially, is Lightswitch a separate product, but ultimately it will also in Visual Studio Professional can be integrated. It is unclear what a Lightswitch-license must be going to cost you.