Toyota is a member of The Linux foundation


Toyota has joined The Linux Foundation. The Japanese carmaker wants the open source operating system to deploy for various in-car applications and search through the organization to further cooperation.

By registering as a Gold Member to join the non-profit organization hopes to be the vehicle to own say more closely to be able to collaborate with other companies that run Linux in vehicles want to integrate. According to Toyota, Linux is flexible and mature enough for applications as in-vehicle infotainment and communications systems in cars.

Toyota is not the only carmaker to open-source software such as Linux in the electronics of new vehicles to deploy. So working in the Genivi Alliance, among others, BMW, Hyundai, General Motors, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault, together with a number of tech to operating systems running on MeeGo run. The Genivi Alliance wants the software on x86 chips, but also on arm processors to run.